April 20, 2020

How to Bring in Members With Google Ads

Google ads is a powerful platform trusted by marketers worldwide. If you’re looking to bring in new members, building even a simple awareness campaign can have a big impact on member acquisition. Because Google already offers so much content to step you through the technical ins-and-outs of using their system, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to a few fundamental marketing ideas you can use to build a campaign that performs.

The Applicant’s Journey

The decision to apply for membership in your organization takes place in stages. Prospects have to take complete a journey through them all in order to successfully become members.

The first stage in their “journey”, or decision to become a member, is known as “Awareness”. Their first step a prospect takes on the path to membership in your organization is simply knowing that you exist!

The second stage is “Consideration”. Members have to spend a lot of time in this stage as they consider the costs and benefits of signing up for membership. There are alternative ways that they could spend their time and money, and they’ve got to compare those to the value you’re offering.

After “Consideration” comes “Action”. If a prospect has considered costs and benefits, compared you to alternatives and made the decision to become a member – they’re not done yet! They still have to fill out your application forms, get approved and make payment. Once that work is all done, you’ve got a new member!

Now lets see those ideas in action:

Setting Up a Basic Retargeting Campaign

When a prospect visits your website, you can safely say they’ve made the first step towards becoming a member. Having established “Awareness”, they’ve completed the first step on their journey to becoming a new member.

After this, the information available on your website helps them work through “Consideration”. This stage takes a lot of time however, so inevitably they’ll leave your website.

Despite the fact that they’ve left your website, they’re still in the process of considering membership in your organization. Inevitably, this doesn’t last long, as there’s plenty else in life to consider. Whether it’s emails, notifications, crying toddlers, etc. – life will find some way of taking your prospect’s off their journey.

Sometimes, prospects will find their way back. If membership in your organization is a priority, they’ll find their way back to you and continue the process.

More often than not, however, they won’t – unless assisted. This is what a retargeting campaign is for.

Because you took the time to set one up with Google ads, when your prospect visited your website, Google logged it. Now, as they go about their business online, they’ll be exposed to ads on their desktop, phone, and tablets prompting them to return to the process of considering membership in your organization.

Accelerating Consideration

Maybe there was a hurdle your prospect encountered while considering membership in your organization that led them to indefinitely pause their decision to apply.

In this case, we’ll assume they saw your price and thought that – though reasonable – they would have to look at their budget before deciding to buy. Despite setting the intention, “taking a look at the budget” made it’s way to the bottom of your prospect’s to-do list.

Presenting a prospect with a retargeting ad offering a limited time discount on membership application might be all it takes to push this person through the process of consideration directly into “Action”. Lowering the price reduces financial friction, and limiting the time the offer is available increases incentive, ultimately increasing the likelyhood of this prospect’s conversion to a fully fledged member!

Getting Your First Campaign Up and Running

Having an understanding of?what to do doesn’t mean you know?how.

Understanding your applicants journey, and knowing a few tactics to help them through consideration is fantastic. But when it comes time to actually?execute these ideas, what do you do?

The first step is to sign up for a google

No one blog article could step you through the ins-and-outs of configuring a retargeting campaign comprehensively. Fortunately, Google offers all the info you need to get a high-converting retargeting campaign up and running quickly. Consider some of the following resources if you’re looking for help:

“Getting Started with Google Ads” Video Guides

This series of videos offers everything you need to know to successfully build your first retargeting campaign. You’ll learn to create your account, set up your first campaign, integrate it into your website, and monitor it as prospects engage with your ads and website.

Google Ads Best Practices

Want to learn more about certain terms, techniques, and tips to make campaigns perform? This page is a one-stop-shop to find everything you need to refine your campaign and dial into your target audience.

Optimize Ads for Mobile

More than half of all Google searches are from mobile devices. This page will help you tailor your retargeting campaigns to ensure you’re tapping into these potential prospects.

Ramp Up Applications with Effective Retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful technique to cultivate new applications. By targeting prospects while they’re in their consideration phase, you can help ensure they make it all the way through. Identify and address the “stumbling blocks” preventing them from deciding to act, and you can make a?big impact on the size of your membership.

While navigating the technical details of your first campaign might be daunting, Google offers all the resources you need to make the process straightforward and easy. Take advantage of them, and watch applications soar!

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