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Replace many apps and use one to save you time & money so you can focus on what matters most:  Member Engagement.

Membership management software that replaces many apps so you can focus on what matters most: engaging your members.

Membership Management Software Dashboard

Easily create membership application forms and automate the renewal process to reduce your churn and improve year-over-year renewal rates.  Get access to all of your membership statistics through one centralized dashboard.

Membership management software dashboard - everything in one place!

Contact Record Management

Easily manage all of your contacts in one database so that you have instant access to all of your relationships:  members, prospects, volunteers, sponsors and much more.  Every contact record provides a consolidated history of every touchpoint with your organization which allows you to have a 360-degree snapshot.

Contact Record Management

Email Marketing & Communication

Grow your message and engage membership by sending beautifully designed email messages using the easy-to-use drag and drop email editor.  Use the Member365 list builder to target your audience by segment or send messages to everyone in the contact database.

Email Marketing

Event Registration

Instantly create event registration forms that allow members to register into your next upcoming event.  Add credit card processing to ensure timely payments are collected which saves you time and hassle.

Event Registration

Member Portal

Empower members to self-serve inside the member portal.  Here they can easily update their profile, subscribe to email communication and choose how they appear in the directory.

Improve member engagement by adding the password protected member portal to your website.  Publish member-only content, enable discussion forums and manage your committees all in one place.


Payment Processing

Easily add payment processing so that members can pay for any purchase using their credit card.  Get access to all financial reporting in the administration area.

Payment Processing

Learning Management System (LMS)

Deliver online training programs, increase member engagement and improve your membership value using the LMS.

Learning Management System

Continuing Education (CE) Tracker

Manage your certification program by providing the CE tracker to members so that they may self-report credits earned.

Continuing Education


Create fundraising campaigns that allow contacts to easily donate, opt-into recurring donations and receive automated tax receipts.  Track all fundraising progress through the purpose built fundraising dashboards.


Online Store

Sell sponsorship opportunities, member SWAG, publications and other resources through your online store.

Online Store

Job Board

Grow your non-dues revenue by adding the job board to your website.  Manage your job board automatically – posting, approval and payments all-in-one place.

Job Board

Form Builder

Never miss out on learning more from your members by creating forms they can submit with their membership application, event registration, or by logging into the member portal and accessing the form library.


Survey & Voting

Stay on top of what matters most by engaging members for their feedback using the survey and voting feature.  All feedback is collected and available to you through the submission dashboard.


Member Discussion Forums

Encourage communicate and collaboration between members by enabling the discussion forum inside the member portal.

Discussion Forum

Engagement Scoring

Easily monitor the health of your community using engagement scoring so that you can find your member champions and those who are at risk of churning.

Engagement Scoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Member365 knowledge base to help me?2021-08-17T14:30:43-04:00

Yes!  You can visit the knowledge base here:

Can I try Member365 free for 30 days?2021-08-17T14:32:30-04:00

Yes!  To get started, complete this form and you will be provided with a copy of the software to try for free!

How much are the setup/onboarding fees?2023-01-17T15:20:13-05:00

A one-time onboarding fee is applicable and based on the scope of your setup and configuration.  Contact us to discuss your specific setup requirements to better understand our approach and cost associated.

Can I import my existing contact data?2019-07-05T17:22:39-04:00

Yes!  We provide a data import tool that automates the job.  You always have access to it!

Is Member365 PCI Compliant?2021-11-01T10:52:38-04:00

Yes.  More information can be found in this PCI compliance knowledge base article.

I already have a website, does Member365 work with it?2019-08-03T15:01:20-04:00

Yes!  Member365 can be integrated into your existing website.  However, if you are looking for a new public website, we can help you with that too!  Please contact our sales team for more information.

Does Member365 manage event registrations?2021-08-17T14:37:05-04:00

Yes!  Member365 includes an events feature that can be used for simple and complex event types.  Learn more in our knowledge base.

Can I use my existing payment gateway with Member365?2023-01-17T15:18:17-05:00

It depends on which payment gateway you wish to use.  Our preferred payment system is Worldline.  We also support Stripe and

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