Effortlessly Organize and Empower your Committees

Optimize Committee Collaboration for Success

Efficient Committee Organization

Track committee members participation history, roles and dates.

Committee Collaboration

Provide dedicated, secure spaces for committee collaboration.

File Library

Centralize documents and files for easy access and sharing.

Board of Director Workspace inside Membership management software


Automate Certificate Management and Delivery

Celebrate Member Achievements and Milestones


Automated Certificate Creation

Generate certificates effortlessly, saving time and resources for your organization.

Certificate Types

Offer certificates for events, continuing education credits, memberships, and learning management courses, all accessible inside the member portal.

Effortless Access

Empower members to download and print certificates at their convenience, promoting engagement and satisfaction.


Email Communication Designed for Memberships

Full-Featured Drag-And-Drop Email Editor Anyone On Your Team Can Use


Use ready-to-use templates or create a custom one from scratch.

Audience Segmentation

Easily segment your audience for personalized communication.

Choose to Subscribe

Members can choose to subscribe to specific email lists or newsletters.


Effortless CEU Program Management

Reduce Your Workload, Improve Member Satisfaction

CE Unit Reporting

Empower your members: Track credits effortlessly inside the member portal.

Automated Workflow

Automate credit collection, email reminders, approval process and more.

Reporting & Certificates

Simplify administrative tasks: Harness automated certificate and transcript generation with comprehensive reporting tools


Purpose Built CRM for Memberships

Drive Growth with Actionable Member Data

360-Degree Member View

Gain holistic insights into member interactions, preferences, and engagement history.

Contact Management

Centralize and organize member and contact information.

Champion & Churn Analysis

Identify loyal champions who advocate for your organization’s mission and detect potential churners early to proactively address retention challenges.



Connected Community

Engage, Share, and Learn Together.

Discussion Forums

Topic Organization

Organize discussions for efficient knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Post Notifications

Keep members engaged with real-time notifications for new posts and replies.

Moderation Tools

Manage discussions effectively with moderation tools embedded in our membership management software, promoting a positive community environment.


One Place To Create And
Manage All Of Your Events

Events Made Easy: Simplify Member Registration And Boost Attendance

Easy Event Registration

Simplify registration: No login required, customizable forms, and open to non-members.

Automate Withdraws

Streamline refund processes with automation, freeing up valuable administrative time.

Real-time Reports

Gain insights into event performance with real-time reporting and access attendance rosters effortlessly.


Drive Collaboration and Productivity

Streamline Document Access and Retrieval

File Library

Centralized File Storage

Store all documents and files in one secure location for easy access.

User Permissions

Control access to files with customizable user permissions and security settings.

Customizable Folder Structure

Organize files with a customizable folder structure to suit your organization’s needs.


PCI Compliance For Secure Transactions

Effortlessly Manage Your E-commerce Operations

Data Security

Protect sensitive financial data and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Integrate with Worldline, Stripe and payment gateways for seamless and secure payment processing.


Gain actionable insights into financial performance and growth with real-time analytics and reporting.



Empower Your Team with
Drag and Drop Form Creation Tools

Collect and Manage Member Data Efficiently and Securely

Form Building

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Easily create and customize forms with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, no coding required.

Submission Management

View and manage form submissions easily with built-in submission management features.

Form Types

Create a variety of forms tailored to your organization’s needs, including membership registration forms, event registration forms, and CRM contact forms.


Where Membership Meets Fundraising

Harness the Power of Membership Engagement to Drive Fundraising Success

Donor Management

Manage donor relationships and track donations received.

Recurring Donations

Enable donors to set up recurring donations for ongoing support and sustainability.

Campaign Tracking

Monitor the performance of fundraising campaigns with real-time analytics and reporting.



Empower Member Organizations with
Easy-to-Use Job Posting Tools

Increase Job Visibility and Reach Across Member Organizations

Job Board for Membership Management Software

Job Posting Tools

Member organizations can create and customize job listings to attract top talent and promote their unique organizational culture.

Social Sharing

Share job openings from member organizations on social media to reach a wider audience and attract more qualified candidates.

Non-Dues Revenue

Generate new revenue streams by monetizing your job board postings.


Connected Education: LMS

Elevate Your Member Experience: Foster Learning, Connections and Purpose

Optimize Your Learning Management Program

Manage, track and deliver your online courses and documents using one single platform.

Add Member Value

Deliver career-advancing training that drives engagement and value for members.

Non-Dues Revenue

Generate new revenue streams by monetizing your learning content.


Automate Your Entire
Membership Workflow

Delight members with your easy application and renewal process

Application Forms

Quick application, smooth new member experience and simplified data collection.

Automated Renewals

Automate member renewals, reduce member churn all while eliminating your admin workload.

Integrated Payments

Easily integrate PCI-compliant payment processors including Worldline, Stripe or


Streamline Your Member Inquiry
Tracking and Management

Build stronger relationships with members

Member Portal Integration

Allow members to access inquiry forms and track their inquiries directly through the member portal.

Automation Tools

Automate inquiry routing and response processes to streamline communication and resolution.


Enhance response efficiency by adding pre-defined response templates for frequently asked questions.

Inquiry management for members

Member Portal

Self-Service Member Portal

Drive member engagement with your very own customized self-service member portal

Drive Member Engagement

Publish member-only content, videos, training courses, directories, discussion forums and more.

Member Self-Service

Eliminate admin time by empowering members to manage their account inside the member portal.

Community Health

Spot potential churn risks and recognize leaders among members, optimizing engagement strategies.


Drive Sales and Growth With Your Online Store

Streamline Order Tracking and Management

Product Catalog

Manage your product inventory efficiently with tools for easy organization and updates.

Shopping Cart and Checkout

Provide a seamless shopping experience with a user-friendly shopping cart and secure checkout process.

Order Management

Track orders, manage inventory, and fulfill customer requests.

Online Store for members


Grow Member Satisfaction and Engagement

Enhance Your Data Collection Processes for Improved Insights

Member Segmentation

Target surveys and polls to specific member groups or demographics for more relevant and targeted feedback.

Real-time Reporting

View survey and poll results in real-time, with customizable reporting features for data analysis and insights.

Anonymous Responses

Allow members to provide feedback anonymously to encourage honest and candid responses.


Engage Your Community with Video

Boost Member Participation and Knowledge Retention

Customizable Video Categories

Organize video content into categories for easy navigation and access.

Searchable Video Library

Enable members to search and discover videos based on keywords, topics, or tags.

Access Permissions

Create access permissions for video content based on membership levels.

Member Video Library


100+ Integrations To Make
Member365 (Even) More Powerful

Access a World of Possibilities: Over 100 Integrations to Transform Your Membership.

Integrating Membership Management Software