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Release Notes2022-10-13T11:31:45-05:00

Release Notes

September 12th, 2022 – November 24th, 2022 – Version 3.1.37 (A-F)2022-11-29T11:08:54-05:00


3.1.37-F (2022-11-24)


We have added a smart tag to pull the credits into certificates that are earned when competing an online training course. The tag is called LMS_CREDITS and can be found when creating or editing a certificate.

Unique signup form report

We created a report that will show all the contacts that were created by a sign-up form. You can find the report by going to the reports and analytics under email campaigns and clicking the unique sign-up button on the top left of the page.    

Fee category in group membership report

We have added the fee category to the employee/group membership report. You can access this report by going to Reports>Membership>Employee/group accounts report.

3.1.37-E (2022-11-09)

Mandatory description to new activity submissions

We added the option to make the description of an activity a mandatory field when a user adds a new activity from the member portal. To turn this function on you can visit modules> education> settings> activities configuration and look for the option – Make the activity description mandatory when a user submits a new self reported activity

Mandatory supporting documents to new activity submissions

We added the option to make supporting documents a mandatory requirement when a user adds a new activity from the member portal. To turn this function on you can visit modules> education> settings> activities configuration and look for the option – Make supporting documents mandatory to submit new activities?

Membership questions when denying a membership

We now still show the membership questions and responses to a denied membership. You can see the responses on the membership (MMS) page of any contact that has a denied membership and a form is attached to the membership.

3.1.37-D (2022-10-26)

Test email delivery speed improvements 

We made an update to send test renewal emails faster so you will receive them without waiting.

3.1.37-C (2022-09-27)

Member portal speed improvements

We made some improvements to the speed of the member portal when logging in and impersonating a contact.

3.1.37-B (2022-09-22)

List access to LMS course

We added the ability to grant access to an Online training course via a list. You can manage this feature by going to any course, click the access tab and select the list access option.

Changing invoice opens

We now open a new tab when viewing an invoice instead of downloading the invoice. This will allow for faster viewing of your invoices.

3.1.37-A (2022-09-12)

Employee/Group and store product pricing

We made an update that will apply member pricing for employee/group accounts when buying a store product.

Track email opens on invoices

We now track if a contact opens, and invoice and you can see that by viewing the invoice and looking for the line item that references the email have been viewed.


August 30th, 2022 – Version 3.1.372022-08-30T11:48:08-05:00


Improving email that is sent when a store product is purchased

We have updated the email that admins will receive when a store product is purchased. You can now see the invoice and what item is purchased in the email.

Event registration modification email 

We improved the email that a guest receives when they withdrawal or make changes to their event registration.

Committee file categories

We added the ability to add and remove file categories in committee workspaces.

Master committee export

You can now export all your committee information in one export from the main committee page.

Directory speed improvements

We made some improvements to increase the loading and searching speed of the member portal and public directories.

List builder improvements

We added the ability to filter people that are registered to events and marked as attended as well as those registered but not marked as attended.

Continuing education SmartTags

We added additional smart tags to the continuing education emails. You can now include smart tags that will show the following – the number of credits left to earn in the collection period, the number of credits that the contact has earned in the collection period and the number of credits the collection period needs to be successfully completed.

July 7th, 2022 – Version 3.1.362022-07-13T09:29:03-05:00


Purchase order update

You can now add purchase order number to all invoice types and search for the purchase order number from the main invoice page. The purchase order number has also been added to the revenue report export.

Member portal login page

You can now add additional messaging to your member portal login screen. To add or edit this information you can go to configuration>Member portal>Member portal login page. The information added here will display on the left-hand side of the member portal login page.

Event registration form settings

You can now collect organization name and job title during the event registration process, and you can make these fields mandatory to register for the event. To adjust these settings, you can got to the event setup and click the settings tab.

Audit log for invoices

We have added an audit log to all invoices. The log will appear below the invoice and track all the activity that takes place with each individual invoice.

Viewing invoices

You can now access the invoice from the purchase history on a contact record as well as download it. Clicking the invoice number will open the invoice in a new tab for you to view and manage. You can click the print icon to download and view the invoice.

June 16th, 2022 – Version 3.1.352022-06-16T17:11:11-05:00


Member Portal

We made some updates to improve the speed of the member portal.  This includes logging in and impersonating contacts from the CRM.

Main Search improvement

We increased the number of returned results in the main search function so you can more easily find your contacts.

Contact Record

We updated the main contact record page, so all the options are open by default so you can more easily see the details of the contact.

Test Type Form Update

You can now create a test and in the process of grading the test the admin will have the option to provide feedback to the student by uploading a document. The document will appear in the test results in the member portal.

June 2nd, 2022 – Version 3.1.342022-06-03T12:59:57-05:00


File Library file types

You can now add MP4 files to the file library to share your most recent videos.

Organization name smart tag

You can now use a smart tag that will pull the organization name associated to the contact into your membership certificates.

Telephone call log

We added an export to the telephone call log so you can access all the details from your telephone log report.

Email campaign report

We added a delete option to the email campaign reports and analytics page so you can remove any unwanted historical data from your past email campaigns.

Membership record update

You can now see if a membership is pending review directly from the main contact record. This will make it more obvious that a membership needs to be reviewed by an administrator.

Video library

You can now choose which membership categories will have access to specific videos and choose to hide them for other membership categories. By default, all categories will have access to the video and you can remove categories by unchecking the appropriate box. You can also choose to show videos to non-member or hide them,  by default non-members will have access to the videos.

Directory update

You can now create a directory that by default will display all contacts that you set to show in the directory and the user will have the option to opt out of the directory from the member portal directory settings page.

May 4th, 2022 – Version 3.1.332022-05-06T14:16:22-05:00


Workspace Permissions

We released an update to fix workspace permissions to ensure that the correct people have access to the workspace. To learn more about workspace access you can read this article –

Logging sending of renewal reminder

You will now be able to see when a contact has been manually sent a renewal reminder from their contact record. The logging is available in the additional information on any contact.

Employee accounts certificates in the member portal

You can now decide to give employee (group) accounts membership certificates that will be available to them in the certificate area of the member portal. Within the group membership settings, you can go to other settings and the membership certificate area and decide to turn on the option “Do you want group accounts to receive membership certificates?”.

Server Upgrades

We made some updates and enhancements to our AWS servers for improved speed and performance.


March 31st, 2022 – Version 3.1.322022-04-01T09:35:51-05:00


Membership change log

You can now see if an inception date and the membership status was changed on a membership record in the additional information area.


Server Improvements

Multiple improvements have been implemented to improve the speed reliability of the software.

March 17th, 2022 – Version 3.1.312022-03-17T16:14:14-05:00


Store Products Page

We improved the loading speed of the store products page.

Learning Management Improvements

We added a search function to the course page and the enrolled courses in the member portal so you and your members can find the courses more easily.

Event Improvements

The most recent events will now show at the top of the manage and reports page.

Role Management Improvements

When editing or adding a role you can now see a dropdown list of contacts to choose from. The list will show any contact that has the organization associated to their contact record.

March 3rd, 2022 – Version 3.1.302022-03-07T10:31:19-05:00


Social media links in the Directory

If you are displaying social media links in your directory the links will now show on the main list within the directory and uses no longer have to click the directory card to view the links.

Form Response Export

We improved the from response export and you can now export larger data sets for memo and text type questions. Previously the export was cutting off data if the responses was too large.

Event checkout Improvements

If a user attempts to continue an event registration without choosing a ticket they will now receive a message to choose a ticket before continuing. This will improve the user experience while registering for an event.

Form responses Administrator email

The email that is received by administrations when a web form is completed was not showing the responses that were within an iterator. The responses will now show in the email.

February 17th, 2022 – Version 3.1.292022-02-17T12:51:09-05:00


Email campaign analytics

We added the name of the lists that the email campaign was sent to so you can easily see the audience that received the email campaign.

Logging changes to renewal dates

We now track any changes that an admin makes to the renewal date on membership record. You can see the changes made in the additional information area at the bottom of the contact record page.

Added fonts to Email campaign

We have added the following fonts to the email campaign builder, the fonts are – Oswald, Circe and Lato.

February 3rd, 2022 – Version 3.1.282022-02-03T14:31:19-05:00


Event search improvements

We improved the event search function to return more accurate results.

Event attendance printout

You can now printout an attendance list of your event guests. To do this visit the event reports page, click on the attendance tab and click Attendance PDF.

Revenue report speed improvement

We made improvements to the revenue report export so the data will export quicker.

Directory speed improvement

We made improvements to the directory so the page will load faster.

January 12th, 2022 – Version 3.1.272022-01-12T12:27:06-05:00


Event certificate smart tags  

You can now add the event location to your event certificates to show the location of the event.

Video Library

The video library will now show all videos by default when a user views the video library.

Secondary Contacts

You now have the ability to hide or show the secondary contact form in the member portal. You can change this setting by going to contacts>settings>profile control.

Invoice Search Improvements

You can now search for an invoice by organization name from the Financial>invoice page.

Event Registration Alerts

You can now receive email alerts when a event registration is made. To set this up, open you event settings and go to registration>administration alerts and enter the email address that you want to send the alerts to.

December 22, 2021 – Version 3.1.262022-01-12T12:22:09-05:00

We used this release for server and software maintenance.

November 23, 2021 – Version 3.1.252021-11-23T12:00:38-05:00



We added a tag to be used in the event and membership certificates that will show the certificate number of the contact on the certificates.

Invoice Improvements

We added the refund date to any invoice that has been refunded and we also added a refund date column to the revenue report.


Event Location Details

We added the State/Province information of the event location to all of the event registration pages.

Speed Improvements

We improved the loading speed of all contact records and the speed of the main view contact’s page.

October 28th, 2021 – Version 3.1.242021-11-02T14:08:45-05:00


Adding Member Number to the reports

We have added member number to the Automated billing membership and shared tag reports.

Gender/Pronoun update

We have now made it possible to update how you want to refer to the term gender. To update this you can go to contact>settings>gender options.

To learn more visit our knowledge base article: How to Add/Change Contact Pronouns.

Workspace Directory

We have updated the workspace directory to allow you to choose which information will be displayed on a contacts workspace directory listing. To make changes to this, simply visit the administration area of the member portal and edit the workspace.

To learn more visit our knowledge base article: Workspace Directory Field Permissions.


Member Portal access

Member Portal access was being granted at before a Term type membership was approved.

Ability to add cents to a fee category

We solved an issue where you could not add cents to the fee category price in the membership setup.

Welcome Email

The welcome email would still send to contacts even when it was turned off in the membership setup. When the email is off it will no longer send.

Membership Graph

The membership graph on the membership statistics page was not displaying the correct number of new memberships that were added in a particular month. The correct number will now show.

October 14th, 2021 – Version 3.1.232021-10-14T16:54:40-05:00


Fundraiser Description

The fundraiser description was not allowing a file or image to be uploaded. The description will now allow files and images to be uploaded and displayed properly in the fundraiser itself.

Workspace directory

The workspace directory was showing soft deleted contacts. Soft deleted contacts will no longer show.

Form responses export

We have added the job title of a contact to the form responses export.

Soft delete contacts still show on admin page

If an admin was soft deleted the admin would still show on the admin repots page. These soft deleted contacts will no longer show.

Vote form update

A timer was showing on a vote form when viewing on a mobile device. The timer will no longer show.

Event Reports update

The number of tickets was displaying incorrectly in the “tickets” tab in the event reports. The numbers are displaying correctly now.

Archived members still having access to the member portal

In certain situations, archived members where still being allowed access to the member portal. This issue has been resolved.

Recurring fundraisers

Recurring fundraising payments were not being properly recorded in the revenue report. The information will now show correctly.

September 29th, 2021 – Version 3.1.222021-10-01T10:37:54-05:00


Workspace layout

We added some additional help text to workspaces and improved the layout to make it easier to setup workspaces.

Workspace update

We added the ability to delete workspace files that they uploaded. Only admins and the contact that uploaded the file can delete the file.


Directory listing

The organization name was appearing in the directory listing even though it was set to off in the settings. The settings now work correctly.

Email Campaign

The email editor was adding extra spaces in emails, this issue is resolved.

Events Addons

The event addons were not appearing in the proper order that was set un the event settings. They will now appear in the proper order.

Organization Tags filter

Some organization tags were not available to be filtered on in the list builder feature. All the organization tags will now appear.

Job Post Notifications

The job notification email that was setup to send to an admin when a job was posted was not being sent. The email will now send.

Event certificates

The event certificates were not saving to the event correctly when first creating an event, they would save after editing and publishing the event again. The certificates will not save on initial event creation.

Vote responses

The votes were not appearing in the survey and vote data gird. The votes will now appear.

Video Library Access

Non-members were still seeing the video library even though the settings we set to not show the video library. The setting has been fixed and now works properly.

Directory Access

Non-members were still seeing the directory even though the settings we set to not show the directory. The setting has been fixed and now works properly and you can now choose to allow non-members view specific directories within a directory setup.

September 9th, 2021 – Version 3.1.212021-09-09T16:57:17-05:00


Non-member report and dashboard statistics

We discovered a discrepancy in the numbers when comparing the non-member dashboard statistic and the non-member report. These numbers have now been aligned properly.

Shared tag report update

In the shared tag report the results were returning soft deleted contacts, we have addressed this issue and the report will now show the proper results.

List builder permissions

We solved an issue that if you removed the right for an administrator to delete lists the delete icon was not being hidden and the admin would still be able to delete lists. The permissions work correctly now.

Deleted Administrator update

If an administrator was deleted they were still appearing in the list of administrators, this issue is solved.

Send profile verification permission

We moved the send profile verification permission to the administration permission area under permissions option on the contact record.

Directory form on contact record

We were showing the directory form two times on MMS record when contact was a primary and an employee/group account. The form will now only show one time in these conditions.

Renewed members Report

We cleaned up the renewed members report to display and export more relevant information.

Workspace saving issue

We solved an issue that under certain conditions the workspace would not save correctly when editing the permissions.

Denying jobs

We solved an issue that when denying a job posting the post would not be denied correctly. You can now deny a job posting.

Primary contact update

We solved a very specific issue that affected primary contacts and the ability to change primaries within an organization.

Links on membership enrollment

The privacy policy, terms and conditions and code of conduct links were not showing properly on the membership enrollment page. The links will not work correctly

Form response update

If a form had a file upload question the admin would not be able to edit or add more files to the question form the CRM. You can now add and remove files.

Organization demographic form

We solved an issue where the form responses were showing the same organization name for all responses. You will now see the correct organization name.

August 12th, 2021 – Version 3.1.202021-08-12T14:08:28-05:00


Directory Search results

We made some improvements to our directory search function to allow for more accurate results.

Group accounts Statistics

If you have group accounts, you will now see group accounts stat on the statistics dashboard. The group accounts have been removed from the non-members data.

Membership form on Contact record

We made an update that membership forms will always show up on the contact record if the contact has the membership. Also, if the form is changed in the membership setup the form will be updated on the contact record.

Contact Information

We added more contact data to the MMS page on the contact record so you could view and print more detailed information on each contact.


Online Store Member Portal Log In

We fixed an issue with our public store when a non-member contact bought an item, they received an email for access to the member portal, even if the setting was to not send an email.

Non-member memberships statistics

We cleaned up a discrepancy in the non-member contact numbers on the statistics page, the numbers are now accurate.

Soft deleted contacts will receive profile change notifications

If a contact was set to be notified when a profile is change and the contact was soft deleted, they would still receive the profile notification email. This email will no longer send to soft deleted contacts.

Consent disclaimer update for memberships

The consent to email disclaimer will now show on all membership application forms.

Directory forms on membership records

We fixed an issue that a directory form would not show on the contact record if the member had a primary membership and a group membership.

Certificate update

We cleaned up the view and print version of the certificates and they will no longer show the URL, DATE, and Page number on the printout.

Currency Symbol Tag

In certain refund situations the receipt was showing {currencysymbol} smart tag instead of the actual symbol.

Vote Email

In certain cases, the vote email would be sent to people if the vote was saved in draft mode.

Organization Name

In the form responses for organization demographic forms we were not showing the name of the organization that filled out the form, the name will now show in the responses.

Membership renewal with education

In certain cases, members were able to renew their membership even if they had not earned enough credits. This issue is solved.

Free membership renewal

Free Memberships would not show up on the recently renewed report, they will now show on the report.

Permissions update

We made some improvements to our permissions logic that will make it clearer when setting permissions for you administrators.

Education activity email

We fixed an issue that in certain cases the approval email was not being send to the contact that the activity was approved for, the email will now send.

Store product lookup fix

On the ad-hoc invoices the product look up was not displaying the correct information for members/non-member contacts. The proper prices will be displayed based on if the contact is a member or non-member.

July 28th, 2021 – Version 3.1.192021-07-28T15:38:39-05:00


Archived membership report

We added an option in the Archive membership report that allows you to return results that will show contacts that have archived memberships only. When this option is used contacts with both active or lapsed AND archived membership will not show. Please note this is not available on the Archive member report, they are 2 different reports.

Creating a new Administrator

When creating a new administrator, we have automatically set email consent to implied and expressed to be sure that your admins can receive emails.

Help Center addition to main menu

You will now see a help center option in the top menu where you can access all the necessary tool for a successful day in the office! You can quickly access the knowledge base, submit a ticket, view our instructional videos, read our latest blog posts and get access to our software release notes, like this one!

Workspace Images

You will now see the images in your workspace discussion without having to download them!

Hide/show option in member portal

We added the ability for you to hide or show gender, birth date and biography in the member portal. To change these options, go to – contacts>settings>profile control.


Renewal reminder report

We removed contacts with no email address from renewal reminder report and hide the reminder Icon on the contact record. With no way to email these contacts they should not be on the report or have the reminder icon on the membership record.

Billing manager renewal issue

In unique cases the billing manager was unable to renew the membership for the primary account holder. This is solved and the renewals can be completed successfully.

Saving an Event fix

When saving an event as a draft there was a database error if there were not tickets created for your event. You can now save an event in draft mode if you have not ticket.

Video library

We fixed a logic issue where the video library was showing in certain cases, even though it should not have been showing.

Merge Tags

We fixed the merge (smart) tags for the custom badges in the member portal. The tags will now display the proper information.

Archived report fix

In certain cases the archive report was not showing all the archived dates. The dates will now show correctly.

July 13th, 2021 – Version 3.1.182021-07-13T14:45:48-05:00


Removal of left-hand menu

We removed the left-hand menu as all menu options are now available in the main header dropdowns. This makes it easier to access all the functionality that Member365 offers.

Renewal reminders

You can now send renewal reminders to individual or groups of people at any time. Please view this knowledge base article for more information.


Workspace files

We resolved an issue that workspace files were not being deleted. You can now properly delete workspace files.

Renewal Approval fix

We fixed an issue that renewals were requiring approval even though the membership was set up to not require approval on renewals.

Deleting employee accounts

In certain cases when deleting an employee account, the employee was visually not being removed from the data-grid until refreshing the screen, You will now see that the employee is removed from the data-grid immediately upon deletion.

Welcome email test function

We fixed the link that was sent to the email recipient when receiving a test welcome email.

Directory Field permissions

We fixed an issue whereas the country and province/state field were controlled by one “location” field permission. You can now set the county and province/state field independently.

Default store image is broken

We solved an issue where the default store image was not showing for all products that did not have their own product image.

Store Invoice

We solved an issue on store invoices that the State and Organization would not appear. They will both appear on the store invoices now.

Manual enrolling into a lifetime membership

When manually enrolling a contact into a lifetime membership we were showing a renewal date on the popup. The renewal date will no longer appear on the popup as there is no renewal date on lifetime memberships,

Organization notes

We solved an issue where the notes were not saving on the organization record. The notes will now save.

Test membership link

The test membership link did not copy to the clipboard, we fixed this issue and the link will not be copied.

Social links on the Contact record

The Social links on the contact record where not sending the user to the correct webpage. The links will work properly now.

June 16th, 2021 – Version 3.1.172021-06-16T11:00:39-05:00


Custom roles

You can now add custom roles within the role management module. The roles are strictly for identification purposes and do not have any functionality within the system. You can create the custom roles by going to membership > settings > custom roles.

Showing roles on the organization page

We are now showing the roles for each membership that an organization has. You can see the roles by visiting any organization that has a membership.

List Export improvements

We improved the list export so the data is exported faster, and you can export a larger data set without issue.

New settings for downloaded invoice

You can now set what name you want to show first on the downloaded invoice. You can choose to show the organization name or the name of the contact first on the downloaded invoice. You can adjust these settings by going to Financial > Settings > Invoice settings.

Manual enroll improvements

When manually enrolling a contact into a membership the page will now automatically update with the membership details and you no longer have to hit the “click here” button to refresh the page


Random quiz invitation

The quiz invitation will now send when you publish the quiz. Please note you must have the invitation setup and ensure you have the proper contacts added before publishing the quiz. The invitation will be sent as soon as you publish the quiz.

New membership report

We made various updates to the new member report to make it easier to see who the new members are.

Manually created donation

We solved an issue that when you create a donation from the contact record the official donation receipt was not sending to the contact. The receipt will now send.

Workspace Settings

We solved an issue on workspace creation that when contacts were assigned access they were receiving permission to edit descriptions, upload files and post discussions granted to them even though the settings did not grant them the permissions.

Group accounts in directory

We solved an issue that in some cases the group accounts were showing in certain directories. The directories will now show the group accounts in the correct scenarios.

May 20th, 2021 – Version 3.1.162021-05-20T17:46:51-05:00


Store order processing

We added a link in the breadcrumb to make processing multiple store orders faster.

Consent update on creating a contact

When creating a contact, the consent permissions are preselected by default making it easier to create a new contact and ensure they have the proper consent settings.

Manual enrolling into memberships

You can now choose to invite a member to the member portal when manually enrolling a contact that has no access to the portal.

Added Roles to listbuilder

You can now create lists of contacts based off their roles. To do this go to listbuilder, click the role management filter, and choose the roles you want to filter on.

Manual Enrolling – Organization memberships

When manually enrolling a contact into an organization based membership we added some instructions and validation to simplify the process.

Downloaded invoice view

The organization name will now appear first on the downloaded invoice.


Consent not granted on free event tickets

If you had a free event ticket setup and a new contact registered for the event and purchased the free ticket the contact was not being granted email consent. The contact will now be given the proper email consent settings.

Workspace permissions

On creation of workspace, assign all permissions by default to the admin creating the workspace.

May 6th, 2021 – Version 3.1.152021-05-06T15:59:58-05:00


Added the ability to create gender pronouns

You can now create gender pronouns and allow your members and contacts to choose from gender options of your choice. You can do this from the Contacts>settings>gender options page.

Added a smart tag for “creditsearned” to an event certificate

You can now add this smart tag to event certificates that will display the name of the event ticked and the number of credits they have earned by purchasing the ticket and attending the event.

Saving form questions on the “save” in the question editor

You can now save the form editor without clicking the publish button in the form setup. The form will be saved after clicking save within the form itself.

On create a contact add the option to add consent to a user

You can now add email consent to a user while creating a new user, you can also edit the users consent on the edit contact page.


Training catalog loading speed

We have improved the speed of the training catalog in the member portal.

Form analytics export update

We have improved the speed of the form analytics export and move the details tab to the first tab and to show on page load.

Membership category page load speed

We improved the speed of the membership category page.

Workspace Files library files do not show unless you have ability to upload files turned on

When the workspace file library is turned on users will now see the file library in their workspaces even if they cannot upload to the file library.

Surname does not appear correctly in listbuilder when using “a prefix

The surname of the contact was not appearing correctly in the list builder data grid if you use a prefix

Duplicate Event Disclaimer

Creating an event disclaimer would duplicate and show two times in the event setup.

Member number not pulling in the active member report

We have added the member number to the active member report.

Renewal that is pending approval will show two employee accounts “wells” in the member portal

The employee account well will now only show one time in this situation.

Event Report – Registration Report Balance Error

We solved a visual error where the registration report was showing incorrect data. The correct data will now appear.

April 15th, 2021 – Version 3.1.142021-04-15T15:18:35-05:00


Adding a fundraiser name to the fundraiser setup

You can now set a “fundraiser name” for fundraisers and the fund name will be displayed on the official donation invoice. You can do this from the fundraiser settings page, receipt configuration.

Public job board

We have added dropdowns to the public job board.

Job board link

You can now easily copy and paste the public job board link from the website integration page in the job settings.

Organization export

You can now export all the organizations and their details on the “view organizations” page.

Collection period update

You can now see the membership category and its status on the collection period dropdown on the contacts education record.

Added training video link to the help center

You can now easily access our library of instructional videos and webinars from the help center on the dashboard.

Added a Member Portal link to the menu bar (Beta)

You can now access the member portal from anywhere in Member365 Beta. The link to the member portal can be found at the top of your screen beside the help link.


Cloning Memberships

If you cloned a membership the new membership category would not have the automated emails. The emails will now populate properly.

Multi date event visual improvement

We fixed the alignment of the dates and times on the registration page to be more easily read.

Organizations showing multiple times in the directory

The organization name was displaying multiple times in the directory when an organization had multiple employee/group accounts. The organization will now only show one time.

Fundraiser receipt

In the case where a fundraiser was part of a membership purchase and the membership was set to be approved, the donation receipt would not be sent until the membership was approved and not sent if the membership was denied. Now the official donation receipt will be sent once the purchase is complete.

Multiple memberships in pre-approval state

If a contact had two memberships that were in a pre-approval state, the workflow would not allow the admin to approve the memberships correctly. This is now solved the memberships can be approved.

Job posting duration

We fixed an issue that if a job was modified and approved the duration of the post was being reset to its original duration. The job will now be active for the correct amount of time.

March 31st, 2021 – Version 3.1.132021-03-31T16:01:50-05:00


Dropdowns in the main headers (Beta)

We added options to the main headers so you can move though the Member365 platform faster and more efficiently.

Updating the modules dropdown (Beta)

The modules dropdown will now show more options so you can easily access more of the amazing features Member365 has to offer.

Event publishing

You can no longer publish an event without first having a ticket created.

Check notes

You can now add a longer string of text to the check number area that will be fully displayed on the downloaded invoice and in the revenue report.

Saving membership emails

You can now save the automated emails and the renewal emails in membership setup without having to publish the membership. To save changes to these emails you now only have to save and update the actual email you are working on.

Add-on purchases

You can now force a member to purchase an addon during membership application and/or renewal. You can also make a specific add-on mandatory to purchase during application and/or renewal.


Donation email link

The link in the donation email was sending users to a page not found. The link will now show the donation receipt.

Printing membership form details

If a contact had two or more memberships with forms attached to them we were printing only the first form no matter which membership details you were attempting to print. The proper forms will now print for the membership you are viewing.

Financial search function

When searching invoices, the search function would not return results if you included a last name in your search criteria. The correct results will now be returned.

Denied membership certificates

If you have an active membership and a denied membership, we were showing the denied membership and certificate in the member portal. Members will only see certificates that are associated to active memberships.

March 18th, 2021 – Version 3.1.122021-03-18T15:28:49-05:00


Organization record update

When viewing the organization record you will now see that the tags and the organization demographic accordions are defaulted to be opened.

Test renewal reminder emails

You can now send test renewal reminder emails to ensure the email is accurate when your members receive the reminder. You can do this by going into any membership category and clicking renewals and click the email icon on the renewal reminder you want to test.

Organization name in list builder

The organization name related to the contact will now appear in the list builder data grid.


Add-on token

When purchasing an add-on during memberships application and or renewal that is setup to send the member a token to access a course the token was not being sent. This issue is solved, and the token is now sent to the member.

Shared tag export

The shared tag report was not exporting all the tags associated to the contact or organization, the proper tags will now be exported.

Extended fields export

Manual enrolling a member into a membership with fee categories does not add the membership dues to the extended fields report. The dues will now show properly in this scenario.

Membership certificates

Members were always getting access to their membership certificates in the member portal even if the memberships were denied, archived or in a lapsed state. The certificates will now only show when the memberships are active.

March 5th, 2021 – Version 3.1.112021-03-05T10:09:30-05:00


Ability to upload MP4 file types to forms

You can now accept Mp4 files in forms when using a file type question.

Ability to view and print forms from the Membership page on the contact record

You can now view and print the membership and directory form questions and responses from the MMS page on the contact record.


No way to review a file if a test has a file upload question

If a test had a file upload question there was no way to view the file while reviewing the test. You can now see the file to review it.

Anniversary renewal date

We solved a logic issue as t related to Anniversary memberships where is certain situations the renewal date was not being updated correctly.

Extended fields report

Membership dues were not updating in the extended fields. The dues are now showing correctly.


February 18th, 2021 – Version 3.1.102021-03-04T16:53:41-05:00


Earning CEC’s via LMS courses

We updated the ability to earn CEC’s when taking an LMS course, previously the contact would have to have a collection period for the credits to be applied to their CEC’s now the credits will be applied in all conditions when a course is setup to earn credits and the course is completed.

Get notified when members edit their profile

You can now get a detailed report of what information is changed, and not changed, when a contact updates their information in the member portal.  Click here to learn more.

Allow a zip file to be uploaded for a store product

You can now add a zip file to a “file type” store product and when the item is purchased the contact will be able to download the zip file.

Adding organization tags to the shared tag report

You can now filter on organization tags in the shared tag report.


Membership dues in the extended fields report

Membership dues were not updating in the extended field reports. The dues are now updating when the fees for the membership are changed.

Incorrect provinces showing in public jobs site

We were showing additional, incorrect provinces in the public jobs site province dropdown, only the correct provinces will show now.

In job view we do not show province in the job posting

When viewing a job in the member portal we were displaying () and not the actual province that the job was location in. The proper province will show now.

Exporting job title is causing a DB error in the list builder module

When exporting a list and including job title in the export would cause a database error. The list will now properly export.

February 3rd, 2021 – Version 3.1.92021-02-03T15:44:38-05:00


Active membership report – search

You can now search by organization name in the active membership report.


Forms with sections in the member portal

When you create a form with sections and view it in the member portal the data grid headers were not lined up correctly.  The headers are now correctly aligned.

Workspace notifications

Under specific scenarios the workspace notifications were not being sent. The workspace notifications are now going our properly.

Committee Access assignment

There was a scenario in which members were getting access to a committee workspace even when they should not have access. This issue is fixed.

Event Withdrawal form issue

Under specific conditions when a member withdraws form the event, they were being asked to fill out forms to complete the withdraw. This issue is solved.

Members Being Enrolled into Automatic recurring billing

Members were being enrolled into ARB before completing the purchase. Members will only be enrolled into ARB after a successful completion of the purchase.

Completed quiz

A quiz that was completed was showing the text “pending grading”. This issue is resolved and the words no longer appear.

Verifying contact

Verifying a contact on the edit contact page cause an error to occur and the contact would not be verified. You can now verify the contact from the edit contact page.

Organization profile.

The organization record was not displaying the full address and details of the organization. The proper details are now displayed.


January 14th, 2021 – Version 3.1.82021-01-14T16:09:07-05:00


Contact Profile control in the member Portal

You can now limit the fields a user can edit in the member portal. To control these settings, you click Contacts>Settings>Profile control to turn on or off the ability to control these fields.


Store product purchases are not pulling province in revenue report

The province associated to the contact will now appear in the revenue report.

Form with sections not allowing users to submit forms

We solved an issue that in specific conditions forms were not able to be submitted. The forms will now submit correctly.

Memberships that are set maximum renewal and graduated memberships renewal reminders not sending

If a membership was setup to have a renewal limit and once that limit was reached set to have the member move to another membership category the renewal reminders were not sending. These renewal reminders will now send correctly.

Primary contacts ability to add members to the member portal

When adding portal accounts the primary has the option to send an invitation to the member portal. This function was not working in certain conditions. The Invitation will now be sent properly.

December 23rd, 2020 – Version 3.1.72021-01-07T09:02:25-05:00


Added the ability to hide test scores in the member portal

You can now hide the score results from a test in the member portal.


Active membership report is showing duplicate records.

The Active membership report will now show the correct data.

Tests not marking as complete when they get a passing grade

We solved an issue that tests were not being marked as complete under certain conditions when the contact received a passing grade.

December 11th, 2020 – Version 3.1.62020-12-11T15:55:13-05:00


Adding option to hide the video library and LMS from non-members

You can now hide the video library and Learning management options from non-member in the member portal.

Add the ability to edit file names in workspaces and committee file libraries

You can now edit the files in the file library in workspaces and committees. You can also edit the categories and sub-categories for these files.

Creating a contact – mandatory fields

You can now create a contact with just a First and Last name OR an email.

Adding contact email address tag for certificates

You can now add the contact email tag to certificates to populate the email of the contact in the certificate.

into a membership that used collection periods.

Creating a test membership page

You can now quickly test your memberships from the membership category landing page by click the green test button and following the on screen help.


Payment date filter for revenue report

The revenue report was returning results outside of the set date range. The results will now match the filtered dates.

Dates for workshop does not show in French version

If you were in French language mode the workshop dates were not appearing on the ticket details page.

Online public Store

If you had a donation attached to store products and were using the public store the donation page was being cut off and the user would be unable to complete the purchase. This is fixed

File categories not saving when only English language is on

If you were using Member365 in English only mode you would not be able to save a file category within the workspace, this has been fixed.

Grace periods on collection periods

Grace periods within a collection period were being improperly calculated when a new member applied. This is fixed and the grace periods are now accurate.

Education Activities being duplicated

Under certain conditions when an activity was approved the activity and the associated credits were being duplicated. This issue has bee resolved.

No approval button on jobs modifications pending approval

When the job board is set to approve modifications there was no way to approve the job. The Approve and deny buttons now show.

November 12th, 2020 – Version 3.1.52020-11-12T15:45:32-05:00


Adding help text to list builder

We added some help text to the delete icon in the list builder to you help better understand its function and purpose.

Added an option to opt in to automated recurring billing on application and or renewal

You can now choose to offer the option to opt in to automated recurring billing on application and/or renewals.

We are not showing public link option in the form builder

You can now use a public link in the form builder when you have the page layout set to section/table of contents.

Added login troubleshooting tips to the member portal login page

We added a link to the member portal to a knowledge base article that will assist with members that are having issues logging in.


Donation filter on revenue report does not pull correct data

We solved an issue where when using a subledger filter on the revenue report was not exporting the correct information. The proper information is now being exported.

Survey emails sending multiple times

When inviting contacts to fill out a survey we were logging multiple emails in the communication log. You will now only see one email in the communication log.

Able to modify a event ticket past the modification date

We solved an issue where event registrants were able to modify a ticket past the modification date.

Directory form showing in the member portal for employees when they are set to not appear in the directory

The directory form will only show for employees in the member portal if the employees are set to appear in the member portal.



October 29th, 2020 – Version 3.1.42020-11-05T08:39:07-05:00


Added the ability to automatically enroll a contact into a training course

You can now choose to have members automatically enrolled in an online training course.

Added the ability to opt-out of ARB even when ARB is forced

Members that are enrolled in Automatic recurring billing (ARB) that is enforced can now choose to remove themselves from ARB in the membership area within the member portal.


Donation smart tags not auto-filling on donation emails

The donation name and donation amount can now be added as a smart tag in the donation emails and receipts.

Fee category is not selecting the correct general ledger

We fixed an issue where the general ledger was not being saved properly for fee categories.

The public store purchase invoice not downloadable

When making a purchase in the public store the user will now be able to download their receipt.

Store notification not sending for store purchases

 The Administration notification email for store purchases will now send correctly.

Smart tags not working on Certificates for Events

The smart tags for event name and event date will now work for event certificates.

Course Prerequisite for Store Purchases

Course prerequisites were not being applied correctly and a contact could take a course without taking the prerequisite course first. This is solved and now the prerequisite course must be taken first.

Continued education report

The report will now show total lifetime credits in the export.

October 15th, 2020 – Version 3.1.32020-11-05T08:40:04-05:00


Added the ability to upload PDFs into emails.

You can now include PDF’s in emails by uploading them into the rich text editor.

Added inception date filter to the active membership report

You can now filter by inception date on the active membership report.

Added the renewal date to the archived member export.

You can now see the renewal dates on the archived member export.

Added the option to not show the membership form questions in the member portal

You can now choose to hide the membership form questions in the member portal so the member does not have access to it.

We updated the warning message when deleting a membership.

The message has been updated to be more clear as to what deleting a membership does and the data it affects.

Added a warning message to the form page when a form has not been published.

We added a message to the user when a form has been changed but not published and the user tries to leave the page before saving.

Created the ability to control if add-ons can be purchased on the membership application and/or renewal.

You can now choose to allow addons to be purchased during application and/or renewal. Learn More Here.


Job filter improvements.

We solved an issue that job filters were not returning proper results under certain situations.

Online training courses not showing when a deadline date is included.

We fixed an issue that under certain conditions when a course had a deadline date it would not appear in the course catalog.

Education Credit report update.

You can now filter on past collection periods in the education credit report.

“MemberSince” tag not working on Approval Emails.

We solved an issue that the “MemberSince” tag would not display the correct information in the application approved email.

Web Form with Sections are not saving properly.

Web forms that included sections were not saving the data entered by the user, this issue is resolved and the data will properly be saved and can be submitted by the user.

Promo code discounts are not being applied to the proper general ledger

Promo codes discounts will now be applied to the correct general ledger.

Admin notifications not being sent when a store purchase is made.

The email that notifies an admin when a store purchase is made will now be sent correctly.

September 24th, 2020 – Version 3.1.22020-09-24T19:04:50-05:00


Workspace Discussion sorting

We updated the way the discussion forum is presented, the most recently created topic will now be displayed at the top of the list when viewing all the topics in the workspace.

Member Benefits Module

The member benefits module was still appearing in the membership setup even if it was disabled in the configuration setup page. The option will only show if the feature is enabled from the configuration page.

Member Category smart tag

We solved a problem where the membership category smart tag was not populating in the application accepted email. The smart tag will now populate the Membership category name.

Member Benefits on Screen Messages

On screen messages in the member benefits area of the Member portal where not being displayed. The messages will now appear.

Membership badge text appearing

In the membership area of the Member portal we showed the text “Membership badge” even though there we no badge to be displayed. The test will only show now when there is a badge to view.

Welcome email

Under circumstances the default system welcome email was being sent instead of the membership category welcome email. The proper email will be sent to all new members that apply for memberships.

Renewal Reminder emails

You were unable to select the type of renewal reminder (Manual or Automatic recurring billing) when creating or editing a renewal reminder. You can now properly select the type of reminder you wish to create.

Automated emails update

We fixed an issue that you could not save images or files to the automated emails in the Membership setup. You can now add images and files.

Education showing in membership setup

Continuing education option was showing in the membership setup even though it was disabled in the configuration page. Education will now show or not show in the membership setup based on the configuration page settings.


Added the invoice amount to the MMS page

You can now see the dollar value of the invoice on the MMS page and if the invoice has been paid or not.

September 10th, 2020 – Version 3.1.12020-10-01T14:58:58-05:00


Memberships will not save when selecting “no group accounts”.

If you selected the “none” options under group account the membership would not save, the membership will now save.

Sign-up form list counts don’t update for deleted and contacts with no consent.

The sign-up form data grid now shows the accurate number of people that are eligible to receive emails.

“First name” smart tag is filling in with incorrect information.

When adding additional recipients to email campaigns and using the “first name” smart tag the incorrect information was being shown on the email. Anyone that is added as an “additional recipient” to an email that uses the “first name” smart tag will now be refereed to as “Member”.

Member number smart tag in certificate design was not working.

We fixed the issue where the member number was not being populated correctly in membership certificates when using the “member number” smart tag. It will now populated the correct member number.

Directory form not showing in contact record when approval is turned on.

When a membership requires approval and has a directory form associated with it we were not showing the directory form in the form page until the membership is approved. You can now see the directory form during the approval process.

Submission confirmation email sent twice.

We solved and issue that the submission confirmation email was being sent two times. The email will now only send one time.

Not able to manually renew a member without an email.

Admins can now manually renew a member that does not have an email address associated with their contact record.

Job postings were able to be accessed outside of the member portal.

All job links are now secure and the user will have to login to the member portal to view a job posting.

Saving and sending test email campaigns were problematic under certain conditions.

We solved an issue that is some cases the email campaigns were not able to be saved or send test emails. You can now save and send test email campaigns.

Employee accounts not able to opt in to appear in Directory.

Employee accounts now have the ability to opt into directories (settings dependent).


Make organization mandatory when an organization type membership is selected.

We introduced a new rule that you must collect organization name on the application form when using a organization type membership.

CE approval option for activities was missing.

We returned the function to approve or deny CE activities when reviewing and creating a CE activity.

Added a activities pending approval alert to the dashboard.

You can now quickly see if you have any activates pending approval from the alert dashboard.

August 26th, 2020 – Version 3.1.02020-08-26T20:07:34-05:00


Third party link was not working for our events module

We solved an issue where the when using a third part link to register your members to an event the link was breaking and the user was shown an error message, the users will now be directed to the correct page.

State drop down menu has incorrect states when searching.

We solved an issue that when you searched for a state in the drop-down incorrect results were showing.

Activity not getting added to the activity level credits

We solved a specific issue that under very specific circumstances activity level credits were not being applied correctly.

Extended fields report is not pulling all the data

The extended fields report will now pull all the correct data and can be exported in full.

Employee account activity report filters are missing

The membership filter was not populating all the membership categories on this report. You can now filter by membership categories.


Removed the requirement for a contact to have an email address

You can now edit a contact and remove their email address.

Added an archived date to the membership page in a contact record

You can now see the date that a membership was archived on the membership page within the contact record.

In our list builder module when user clicks the contact name link to the contact record

When you click a contact in your lists you can now easily go to the contact record.

Adding group membership help text

In our membership creator we have added more help text to the options so its easier for admins to configure the settings.

We changed the view of the membership landing page

You will now see all the most relevant data related to your memberships on the membership landing page.

We added Date of Birth to application form

You can now collect the date of birth of a contact on the membership application and renewal forms.

Added MOV file type as an upload option to forms builder

You can now collect .MOV video files when selecting a file type question in the form builder.

August 17th, 2020 – Version 3.0.142020-08-17T21:06:41-05:00


Portal accounts showing in Member portal

The ability to add portal accounts was showing even if the membership had no portal accounts chosen in the setup.

Committee with Workspace not bookmarking

The work-spaces will now properly bookmark to the dashboard for easier access to work-spaces.

Ad-hoc invoice page visual issues.

We fixed some alignment issues in our Ad-hoc invoice creator.

Notes were not able to be added to the education page

On the education page you can now add notes to the courses tab on individual contact records.

Active members showing up on the archive reports

If a member has an active and archived membership of the same category the contact will no longer show up on the archived report for that membership category.

Showing incorrect message when submitting an activity.

When submitting an activity in the Member portal the approval message is showing even though approval is not required.

Collection period not being added when a member adds activity.

When a member adds an activity the activity will now be assigned a collection period.

Showing all activity levels when submitting an activity.

We solved and issue that we were displaying all activity levels in the system to a contact event if the membership they were a part of did not have that activity available to it. We now only show levels associated to the membership category the contact is a part of.

Cannot add links to renewal reminders in Version 2 of Member365.

We solved a problem where our renewal reminder emails did not have the ability to add links to them. You can now add links to renewal reminders in version 2 of Member365.

Pay now button not appearing in email for ad-hoc invoices.

The pay now button will appear in the email when sending an ad-hoc invoice so users can complete their purchase.


We added a description area to the Video library.

You can now create your own description to your video library. To do this go to configuration, video library, Video library description.

Survey questions and answers (Drop Down format) not saving properly.

We solved and issues with our survey such that the drop down format questions were not saving correctly and display incorrect information after publishing the survey.

Added a phone extension column for the Event roster export.

We added a phone extension column to the registration export for events.

Added a search in membership categories to version 2 of Member365.

You can now search your membership categories in Version 2 of Member365.

Improvements to job bank filters so it’s easier to find jobs you are looking for.

You can now search by country and province with proper results.

Changed the redirect when saving an organization.

Saving an organization will now redirect you to the organization page that you were editing.

Allow LMS assignments to award CE credits.

You can now award CE credits when a user completes an LMS course or assignment.

Adding the ability to attach certificates to Collection periods.

You can now attach certificates to collection periods.

Show certificates in the member portal and the education page within a contact record.

We will now display education certificates on the contact record and in the member portal.

Rolling outstanding education credits from current collection period into the next collection period.

You can now setup your continuing education to roll over outstanding credits from one collection period to another.


July 16th, 2020 – Version 3.0.132020-08-17T21:07:39-05:00


We added a send invite option to the survey data grid

You can now send an invitation at any time to any contact that has been granted access to the survey that has yet to complete the survey. Learn More

We added additional filters to the job board so you can search your jobs more easily

We have added province and state filters to the job board and made searching for a job in the job bank much more simple.

We moved any add-ons that were purchased by the member to the top of MMS page

To view the add-ons you can visit the MMS page on the contact and you will see the add-on associated with the membership purchase.

We added a Member Since smart tag to templates

You can now add the member since date to templates that will auto populate on certificates.


Organization departments appearing even if it is set to not show

We solved an issue that we were showing organization departments on the organization record even though it was set to not show on the organization record.

Sign up form export errors

We solved an issue that the sign-up form export was not properly exporting the data. The export will now export and align the data properly.

Visual invoice issues

We solved an issue where we were displaying incorrect information on the invoices and on the invoice data grid. These were just visual issues.

We removed the paid-on date when you manually enrolled member

When an admin manually enrolled a member, we where show a “paid-on” date on the MMS page of the contact record. Because there is no financial transaction on a manually enrolled membership this was incorrect and we now display who the member was manually enrolled by.

Reports are shifted and the “answers” aren’t lining up to the report headers

There were some reports that had their columns shifted and the headers and contact were not aligned correctly. The data is now properly aligned.

July 2nd, 2020 – Version 3.0.122020-08-17T21:07:59-05:00


We Added Instagram to contact and organization records

You can now add Instagram profiles to contact and organization records and they will be displayed in the directory if you choose to display social media links.

Removing the extra space in job description page within the job bank

There was an extra space showing in the job description page causing the page to not be aligned properly.



Phone numbers were appearing as a 0 when there was no data to display

We solved an issue that we were showing a 0 when there was no data to display in the phone number field.

Printed certificates were showing unwanted text

When printing a certificate there was extra text being printed that was not part of the certificate, that text has now been removed.

Education header still displaying in the member portal even if education is disabled in the CRM

You can now hide the education header in the member portal by disabling it in the configuration area of your administration dashboard.

Deleted form questions still appear on the application form

We solved an issue that in some cases questions that have been deleted from a membership form were still appearing on the members application. Only the proper questions will now appear on the form.

Signup form not properly collecting all mandatory fields

We solved and issue that the signup form was not correctly forcing people to fill out the mandatory fields when adding themselves to a signup form.

June 25th, 2020 – Version 3.0.112020-08-17T21:08:33-05:00


Adding the name of a contact that uploaded a file to the file library

You can now see the name of the person that uploaded a file in the file library.

Showing the name of the directory on the directory page

When viewing the directory we now show the name of the directory so it is clearer as to which directory you are viewing.

Updating the journal entry date format

We updated the format of the excel export so all the dates align properly.


Membership Category member count not accurate

We solved a discrepancy for the numbers that were being displayed on the main membership category landing page

Korea provinces are appearing on the event billing information page

We solved an issue that in some cases we were displaying Korean provinces with Canadian provinces. You will now only see the Canadian provinces when choosing Canada as your country.

Paste Answers button in “Launch Form Question Editor” broken

When creating questions in our form builder there was an issue when you tried to paste your answers into the answer field to easily populate the answers you want displayed. You can now copy and paste multiple answers into the answer field and they will populate correctly.

Group account report is not populating data

In some cases when filtering on  group accounts in the employee account report the results were not returning correct data. You will now have accurate results when filtering on group accounts.

June 11th, 2020 – Version 3.0.102020-08-17T21:09:03-05:00


Added the option for an organization to appear in the drop-down list

If you are using the organization dropdown option in the member application or on the event registration form you can now choose which specific organization will appear in the drop-down for a user to select. You can change this setting by going to any organization and click edit organization, scroll to the bottom of the page and you can turn the toggle on or off.  Learn More Here.

Organization drop-down for events.

You can now set the organization name to be a drop-down in the event registration form. This will allow for more control over what organizations are in or can be added to your database. To turn this feature on you can edit the event and click the settings tab. Learn More Here.

Removing empty space on the contact record address area.

The empty space on the address area of the contact record has been removed so the addresses appear cleaner and properly lined up.


Member Portal Banner does not upload

We solved an issue that was preventing users from properly managing the look and feel on the member portal. You can now properly upload the member portal banner.

Engagement Score Analytic score not populating

The engagement score will now populate correctly on the contact record.

June 1st, 2020 – Version 3.0.92020-06-02T16:03:36-05:00


Waitlist Improvements

When you have a waitlist for a ticket for you event you can now set it such that only the first person on the waitlist will receive an email to notify them that a ticket is now available. The contact will then have 24hrs to buy the ticket. If the ticket is not purchased with in the 24hrs the next person in the waitlist will be emailed and they will have 24hrs to buy the ticket.

Sign up form improvements

You can now collect more information when using signup forms to allow you to know more about the people that are interested in your organization.

Adding email to wait list report

The email address has been added to the event waitlist export so you can communicate with those in your wait list.

Adding fee category to revenue report

If you have a fee category setup in your membership you will now be able to see the fee category in the revenue report.


Payment date filter not working in revenue report

We solved an issue where some items would not populate in the revenue report when filtering by payment date.

Course prerequisites not working

We solved an issue that members where accessing courses even though they did not have the proper course prerequisites.

Form analytic report shifted columns

Answer to form questions where not aligned properly with the column header. The information will now be aligned properly in the export.

May 14th, 2020 – Version 3.0.82020-06-01T17:43:59-05:00


Granting access to work-spaces by a list in list builder

You can now grant workspace access to a list that you have created in the list builder. Please note that only contacts with member portal access will be able to access the workspace. Learn More Here.


Email Unsubscribe totals in Email Campaigns incorrect

We fixed an issue with the unsubscribe totals not being accurate. You can now see the correct number of unsubscribes in the email report.

Members are seeing Directories that they are not included in

We solved an issue that in certain situations members were able to see directories that they were not a part of.

Province and states are being displayed in some reports

There was an issue that in some reports a contact would have a proving and a state listed in the province/state column. We have fixed it so only the proper information is displayed.

Course Prerequisites not working correctly

In certain situations members were able to enroll in courses that had a prerequisite even though they had not completed the required course. This issue is now solved.

Quiz results are not correct

We solved and issue that people were seeing incorrect quiz results. The proper results will now be displayed.

Member Portal Badges are not able to be reordered.

You can now reorder the member portal badges to be displayed in the order of your choice.

May 4th, 2020 – Version 3.0.72020-06-01T17:36:20-05:00


We added the contact suffix to the recent renewal export

We have added the contacts suffix to the recent renewal export so you can see each contacts suffix from the report.

We added the organization name to the e-marketing export

We have added the organization name to the e-marketing export so you can see the name of the organizations your members are a part of.

Custom membership type

We have added a custom membership type. The custom membership is a group/organization membership that will allow you to refer to group members by any name you like. For example, you could call the memberships type “Family” and all the group accounts would be referenced as “Family accounts” whereas with our standard organization membership they would be referred to as “Employee accounts”. Learn More Here.

Adding standard contact details to the wait list export

We have added standard contact data to the event wait list export so you can have more information about the people in your wait list.

The contact list will now include contacts that only have email addresses as part of their contact record

The main contact list that can be seen by going to contacts>manage will now include contacts that only have an email address on their contact record.

We added the option to display the membership number on certificates.

You can now add the member number to certificates using the smart tags in the templates area found under options>configuration>templates.

April 20th, 2020 – Version 3.0.62020-05-01T19:15:05-05:00


Video categories are not appearing alphabetically

The video categories will now be displayed alphabetically in the video library.


The organization field can now be a drop-down in the application and renewal form.

You can now set up your membership application and renewal form to display a dropdown of the organizations in your CRM and the member can choose from the organization list. You can also decide to allow a member to add a new organization to your CRM or not.

Learn More: What Contact Information is Collected on Application?


Add the ability to delete an image from the member portal badge

We have added the ability to delete the image on the badges in the member portal.


New Membership and Event Certificate to Push out to all Clients

There are five new certificates available for your use in the certificate template area. You can find this under options > configuration > templates.


Re-apply for membership is renewing members and not treating them as new members.

We fixed an issue that if you had “re-apply for membership” turned on in the membership setup archived members would be renewing their membership and not being taken through a new application. Going forward these members will be taken through the application process as if they were a new member, not a renewing member.

When creating a form and adding access to a list in list builder the contacts were not getting access to the form

We solved an issue that if you created a form and gave access to the form via a list in the list builder that the contacts in the list were not getting access to the form. The contacts on the list will now have access to the form in their member portal.

The quiz is not showing success or fail message

We fixed an issue that the quiz success and fail message were not displaying to the user. The users will now see their success/fail message.

March 26th, 2020 – Version 3.0.52020-04-01T15:36:08-05:00


Shared Tag Report

We added the shared tag report to the Report drop-down on the main menu.

Learn More:

Top of page option

We moved the location of the top of the page button so it is not hidden behind the chat button. Update

We made an update to ensure we are compliant with the payment gateway.

Event Revenue Report

You can now see the name of the tickets, workshops, add-ons, meal plans in the export of event revenue report.


  • At checkout, the event workshops will now appear in the order they are arranged in your event setup.
  • In the member portal, you can now edit the description section of our online training module.
  • In the member portal, the form list will now sort alphabetically.
  • The columns are now properly aligned in the analytics pending excel export.
  • Employee account filters in the list builder are now returning accurate results.
March 5th, 2020 – Version 3.0.42020-04-01T14:56:49-05:00


Survey Public Link

You can now get direct access to the public link for surveys and voting which makes it easier to share.

Learn More:


  • Fixed the shared tag report to show proper results when filtering on multiple tags
  • Fixed a formatting issue in work-space emails
  • Committee Export is now exporting all the organization names in the excel report
  • Korean provinces are no longer showing up with Canadian provinces
  • Employee accounts are now properly sorting in the member portal
  • LMS Course deadline date is now functioning properly and users will not be able to enroll in or complete a course after the deadline date has passed.



February 21st, 2020 – Version 3.0.32020-02-24T13:58:27-05:00

Tasks Completed 

Vcard now includes the mobile phone number

We added the mobile phone number to be included in the vcard available on contact records

New Administrator email 

We updated the content in the email that is sent when you create a new administrator. The email now includes a link to book a time with a success coach so we can introduce your new administrator to all the amazing features that Member365 has to offer.

Amazon updates

We updated all our servers to the latest Amazon versions to ensure we are offering you the best performance available. 

Adding purchaser email address to registration export in events.

You can see the email address of the person that purchases event tickets in the registration export available in event reports. 


Bugs Addressed

CE Certificates – Suffix tag is not being parsed

The Suffix tag on Continuing education certificates is now displaying the proper information.

Course code on the online training module course manage page does not show up 

You can now add a course code to a course in our online training module

Previously archived committee members were not getting access to the workspace

Now if you archive a committee member and add them again into a new active role they will have access to the committee workspace

Continuing education activity certificate download yields a blank file

The download certificate button will now allow your members to download their certificate. 

Images are being resized incorrectly on the contact record

The images on the contact record are now being sized correctly. 

If you duplicate a membership category the application submission email is not showing in the new membership category

We solved an issue with our membership duplication feature to properly duplicate all the emails related to the membership.

When deleting a contact you are sent to a blank page

We fixed the redirect link that admins were being sent to when deleting a contact. 

Updating non-member event ticket pricing to include employee accounts.

Employee accounts will now receive non-member ticket pricing when signing up for events (depending on the settings you choose in the event)

Employee Account Report is not accurate

The employee account report will now filter accurate results. 

Adding the telephone log to the communication & file log area on the contact record.

You can now log telephone calls with members in their communication & file log area on the contact record. You can also generate a report form the contact reports area to quickly review all the telephone logs created in the system.

January 2020 – Version 3.0.22020-02-21T16:59:56-05:00

Tasks Completed


Restrict membership application and event registration to contacts within the database.

The login settings allow you to adjust the language members receive as well as registration capabilities for membership applications and event registrations when the contact is not in your CRM. Learn More:

Added the member’s organization to reports

We have added the member’s organization to multiple exports in Member365.

Created a bypass assign ticket option to allow event registrants to be directed to the form attached to the ticket.

When you attach a  form to an event ticket you now have the option to bypass the assign ticket option and registrants will only fill out the form assigned. The reason for this update is to help if you are collecting first and last name in the form, now your members will not have to enter their contact information twice. Learn more:

Email Campaigns reports & analytics now has an export to excel button

We have added an export to excel button to the email campaigns page. Now you can export the high-level statistics for all your campaigns including how many people the email was sent to, open rates, clicks and unsubscribes.  

Learn More:

Adding the name of the event ticket to the event form report

You can now see the name of the event ticket on the form reports page found in the event form report 

Added the chat button to the admin/crm login page

Access the chat help directly from your login page. Our support team is on standby to help you with any questions you may have!

Create contact lists based on members organization using our list-builder feature

You can now create contact lists based on member organization in list builder. The filter can be found in the organization option in list builder

The date an invoice has been paid now appears in the main invoice datagrid

We added a hover over in the invoice datagrid that will display the date an invoice has been paid


Bugs Addressed

Employee accounts report filters

The filters on this report have been fixed to correctly show the primary and/or employee accounts.

Event form report no longer shows duplicate responses 

This report now will not display duplicate form responses and you can choose to display only the most recent responses or to show all the responses.

Member Portal dashboard badges showing a blank windowpane

We are no longer showing a blank badge in the member portal dashboard and users can scroll through the badges without seeing a blank badge.

Registrants were able to select multiple workshops that are taking place at the same time.

You can now control whether a guest can sign up for more than one workshop happening at the same time.

Employee account activity excel report not matching

We fixed an issue that the export did not match what the user was filtering on in the employee activity report. Now when you filter on your chosen criteria the export will match what you are filtering on.

Directory issue – Social Media links display even when the toggle is set to off.

You can now set the social media links in the directory to show or not show.

Engagement analytics can’t export all the data

We improved the query to allow you to export all the engagement analytics.

Able to add employee accounts indefinitely, even if it is set to limited seats

When a group membership has limited seats the primary account holder will now only be able to add as many employee accounts as you determine in the membership setup.

The search function is now working in our directory for mobile users.

Users can now use their mobile devices to search for members in the directory. 

Users can now enroll in courses through the training catalogue using their mobile device

Users can now use their mobile devices to enroll in training courses using their mobile device

The workspace directory search function will now return accurate results.

We fixed an issue with our workspace search function to display the correct results. 

You can now link employees to the primary organization when creating employee accounts as an administrator

When creating an employee account you can now automatically link the employee to the organization of the primary account holder


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