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March 26th, 2020 – Version 3.0.52020-04-01T15:36:08+00:00


Shared Tag Report

We added the shared tag report to the Report drop-down on the main menu.

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Top of page option

We moved the location of the top of the page button so it is not hidden behind the chat button. Update

We made an update to ensure we are compliant with the payment gateway.

Event Revenue Report

You can now see the name of the tickets, workshops, add-ons, meal plans in the export of event revenue report.


  • At checkout, the event workshops will now appear in the order they are arranged in your event setup.
  • In the member portal, you can now edit the description section of our online training module.
  • In the member portal, the form list will now sort alphabetically.
  • The columns are now properly aligned in the analytics pending excel export.
  • Employee account filters in the list builder are now returning accurate results.
March 5th, 2020 – Version 3.0.42020-04-01T14:56:49+00:00


Survey Public Link

You can now get direct access to the public link for surveys and voting which makes it easier to share.

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  • Fixed the shared tag report to show proper results when filtering on multiple tags
  • Fixed a formatting issue in work-space emails
  • Committee Export is now exporting all the organization names in the excel report
  • Korean provinces are no longer showing up with Canadian provinces
  • Employee accounts are now properly sorting in the member portal
  • LMS Course deadline date is now functioning properly and users will not be able to enroll in or complete a course after the deadline date has passed.



February 21st, 2020 – Version 3.0.32020-02-24T13:58:27+00:00

Tasks Completed 

Vcard now includes the mobile phone number

We added the mobile phone number to be included in the vcard available on contact records

New Administrator email 

We updated the content in the email that is sent when you create a new administrator. The email now includes a link to book a time with a success coach so we can introduce your new administrator to all the amazing features that Member365 has to offer.

Amazon updates

We updated all our servers to the latest Amazon versions to ensure we are offering you the best performance available. 

Adding purchaser email address to registration export in events.

You can see the email address of the person that purchases event tickets in the registration export available in event reports. 


Bugs Addressed

CE Certificates – Suffix tag is not being parsed

The Suffix tag on Continuing education certificates is now displaying the proper information.

Course code on the online training module course manage page does not show up 

You can now add a course code to a course in our online training module

Previously archived committee members were not getting access to the workspace

Now if you archive a committee member and add them again into a new active role they will have access to the committee workspace

Continuing education activity certificate download yields a blank file

The download certificate button will now allow your members to download their certificate. 

Images are being resized incorrectly on the contact record

The images on the contact record are now being sized correctly. 

If you duplicate a membership category the application submission email is not showing in the new membership category

We solved an issue with our membership duplication feature to properly duplicate all the emails related to the membership.

When deleting a contact you are sent to a blank page

We fixed the redirect link that admins were being sent to when deleting a contact. 

Updating non-member event ticket pricing to include employee accounts.

Employee accounts will now receive non-member ticket pricing when signing up for events (depending on the settings you choose in the event)

Employee Account Report is not accurate

The employee account report will now filter accurate results. 

Adding the telephone log to the communication & file log area on the contact record.

You can now log telephone calls with members in their communication & file log area on the contact record. You can also generate a report form the contact reports area to quickly review all the telephone logs created in the system.

January 2020 – Version 3.0.22020-02-21T16:59:56+00:00

Tasks Completed


Restrict membership application and event registration to contacts within the database.

The login settings allow you to adjust the language members receive as well as registration capabilities for membership applications and event registrations when the contact is not in your CRM. Learn More:

Added the member’s organization to reports

We have added the member’s organization to multiple exports in Member365.

Created a bypass assign ticket option to allow event registrants to be directed to the form attached to the ticket.

When you attach a  form to an event ticket you now have the option to bypass the assign ticket option and registrants will only fill out the form assigned. The reason for this update is to help if you are collecting first and last name in the form, now your members will not have to enter their contact information twice. Learn more:

Email Campaigns reports & analytics now has an export to excel button

We have added an export to excel button to the email campaigns page. Now you can export the high-level statistics for all your campaigns including how many people the email was sent to, open rates, clicks and unsubscribes.  

Learn More:

Adding the name of the event ticket to the event form report

You can now see the name of the event ticket on the form reports page found in the event form report 

Added the chat button to the admin/crm login page

Access the chat help directly from your login page. Our support team is on standby to help you with any questions you may have!

Create contact lists based on members organization using our list-builder feature

You can now create contact lists based on member organization in list builder. The filter can be found in the organization option in list builder

The date an invoice has been paid now appears in the main invoice datagrid

We added a hover over in the invoice datagrid that will display the date an invoice has been paid


Bugs Addressed

Employee accounts report filters

The filters on this report have been fixed to correctly show the primary and/or employee accounts.

Event form report no longer shows duplicate responses 

This report now will not display duplicate form responses and you can choose to display only the most recent responses or to show all the responses.

Member Portal dashboard badges showing a blank windowpane

We are no longer showing a blank badge in the member portal dashboard and users can scroll through the badges without seeing a blank badge.

Registrants were able to select multiple workshops that are taking place at the same time.

You can now control whether a guest can sign up for more than one workshop happening at the same time.

Employee account activity excel report not matching

We fixed an issue that the export did not match what the user was filtering on in the employee activity report. Now when you filter on your chosen criteria the export will match what you are filtering on.

Directory issue – Social Media links display even when the toggle is set to off.

You can now set the social media links in the directory to show or not show.

Engagement analytics can’t export all the data

We improved the query to allow you to export all the engagement analytics.

Able to add employee accounts indefinitely, even if it is set to limited seats

When a group membership has limited seats the primary account holder will now only be able to add as many employee accounts as you determine in the membership setup.

The search function is now working in our directory for mobile users.

Users can now use their mobile devices to search for members in the directory. 

Users can now enroll in courses through the training catalogue using their mobile device

Users can now use their mobile devices to enroll in training courses using their mobile device

The workspace directory search function will now return accurate results.

We fixed an issue with our workspace search function to display the correct results. 

You can now link employees to the primary organization when creating employee accounts as an administrator

When creating an employee account you can now automatically link the employee to the organization of the primary account holder