January 17, 2018

Driving Chamber Relevancy into 2018

Driving Chamber Relevancy into 2018

Chambers of Commerce have a rich history of collaboration and contribution with respect to both the business sector and the economic well-being of a community. They are, by their very nature, interconnected.

Relevance, like art, is in the eye of the beholder. Are you taking full advantage of these options below to make sure your Chamber stays relevant in today?s complex and competitive marketplace?

Determine Needs So You Can Deliver

Your members are investing their membership dues for Chamber services. Start today to canvas members about what is important to them. Whether you do it informally via personal conversations, set up a formal interview process through Board members or a general membership online poll, this is now a must-do annual activity. Find out what members find relevant and invest in those areas.

Update Your Event Strategy

These are a cornerstone of a Chamber?s value premise. They are the primary opportunity for members to connect. The issue here is that staying with the standard format may no longer be serving your members? needs. This could include more timely or trendy topics, or speakers who cover more creative and innovative areas. Adding technology via webinar or online options can also be ways to showcase relevance without high cost or risk.

Get Political

Some Chambers have shied away from this area, feeling that it works at cross purposes to their mandate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Becoming more active in the local political scene is not only good for Chamber positioning, it is a fundamental Chamber responsibility. Members have an expectation that Chamber leadership works on their behalf. What better way to be relevant than to forge a collaborative relationship with local political leaders. Make this part of your annual strategic plan.

Are you making everything you do relevant to your members?

Today, Chambers are struggling to drive engagement, acquire new members, and retain old ones. Old models offer unclear value to today?s tech-fueled business owners. Presenting the value of membership is a central challenge for Chambers of Commerce in 2017, but it?s one that can be addressed.

Find out how by signing up for our October 18th Webinar, where we discuss how Chambers of Commerce can attract and retain the next generation of business owners.

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