April 13, 2020

5 Video Conferencing Systems to Keep Your Team Connected

With the way we work and connect with each other changing, member-driven organizations are searching for accessible solutions to connect. Today, more people than ever before are searching for video conferencing software that can help teams communicate without breaking the bank or causing technical difficulties.

Fortunately, there are a?lot of solutions available, and Member365 is here to help you navigate them.

1. Zoom

If you’ve ever spoken to a Member365 representative over a video call, you’ve used Zoom. Easy to set up and use, and offering plenty of useful features, we use the platform because it makes connecting with our customers and co-workers a breeze.

If you’re in the market for a video conferencing solution, Zoom is a platform that ought to make your shortlist. Offering easy free trials, trying the system out is as easy as providing your email address. You’ll get a link with everything you need to get up and operational in minutes!

Pros and Cons

Pro:?Zoom is easy to use for you, your team, and your members. Initiating a call is as simple as sending a link. As soon as your recipient clicks it, Zoom will take care of the rest, even if they don’t have the software and get you connected in minutes.

Pro:?Zoom offers plenty of features, letting you use the platform for one-on-one calls, or configure sessions for webinars with lots of options for configuration and participant engagement.

Con: Zoom requires software download and installation. While their wizard makes the process easy, those in search of a browser-based video conferencing platform might consider looking elsewhere.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is designed specifically for (you guessed it!) meetings. Set up a personal room with your own URL, and send it out to everyone you’d like to join. Offering easy-to-use screen sharing, recording and conferencing features, you can sign up for a free trial and immediately host meetings with up to a whopping 250 participants!

Pros and Cons

Pro:?GoToMeeting is among the most reputable video conferencing solution providers. An industry leader, they’ve continued to develop and refine their product for well over a decade.

Pro:?GoToMeeting offers a powerful mobile app, allowing meeting participants to enjoy a fully-featured experience from their mobile devices and tablets in addition to desktop PCs.

Con:?GoToMeeting requires a client download. For those looking for a browser-based video conferencing solution, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.

3. Meet (by Google Hangouts)

Meet is the business version of the popular Google Hangouts video chatting software. Offering an interface optimized for the needs of video conferencing, the system is designed by Google, meaning sleek design and great ease of use. If you’ve got a subscription to GSuite, you’ve got access to Meet already, as the system is free to use so long as you’re conferencing with under 25 people.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Meet is designed for a smooth user experience, and Google delivers this in spades. For individuals that don’t want to worry about technical details, Meet is a fantastic choice.

Pro:?If you don’t expect to be hosting calls exceeding 25 participants, Meet is only 6 dollars a month (USD)!

Con: Meet requires a subscription to G-suite. For organizations that have adopted other systems like Microsoft Exchange/Office, subscribing to G-suite just for Meet can create a big headache.

4. Join.me

Join.me is a relatively new entry into the online video conferencing market. Despite its age, it offers very competitive features, functionality, and pricing. If the look and feel of your video conferencing experience is an important factor in your decision, Join is a strong contender!

Pros and Cons

Pro: Join.me offers a free trial of their software allowing you to start your first call in minutes.

Pro:?Easily customize your meeting background, invite emails, to offer a branded experience for all your calls.

Pro:?Don’t worry about downloads and installation. Send your link and users will be able to join calls in their browser.

5. Webex

Webex is a tremendously powerful video conferencing platform trusted by big and small businesses alike. Offering powerful security protocols, features, and conferencing integrations – Webex is able to easily ‘plug in’ to existing conferencing systems. Whether your team is calling in from a conference room at the office or their tablet at home, Webex will make connecting seamless.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Integrate your conference room system into Webex so team members can participate in calls wherever they are.

Pro: Webex has recently offered a promotion to get you up-and-running quickly and easily.

Con: While powerful, Webex is also technical. For users looking for a simple and easy to use system, Webex might not be the right choice.

Stay Connected

Though the disruption to businesses around the world, member-driven organizations reduce the impact on day-to-day work by adopting conferencing solutions that allow newly-remote teams to easily and effectively connect and communicate.

Above we’ve outlined 5 leaders in the online video conferencing space, but these are only a few of many. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that a system exists that will meet the needs, wants, and expectations of your organization. We hope that our article has had an impact on making the search a little easier for you.

Happy hunting!

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