Targeting an audience has never been the same since the ice age. Snail mail blasts to an entire neighborhood, handing out leaflets on the public square or door to door on an entire block is the old school way to getting your word across. The shotgun approach as what they normally coin it where you set your mark to a general audience with the hope of landing a target. But is it always ideal to spray and pray using snail mail?

Studies show ….that the direct mail response rate is 2-4 %.

Only 36% of people under 30 look forward to reading their mail every day.

26 % throw or recycle their mail.

It’s costly. Much effort and spending have been poured into the marketing materials. The cost of the postage stamp or hiring a delivery guy should never be discounted. If a big chunk of those precious ad materials land into the wrong audience, that hurts the bottom line.

Precious time wasted. We cannot keep on bombarding a random populace then hop to another batch of blasts on a different site and expect you can achieve even a semblance of a response.

Now came the method of segmenting your audience using demographics and the advent of digital tools were the saviors of the marketing world. The online world is a huge data mine. This is where the demographics of markets are cultivated and harvested. Demographics are key tools that help you set your focus on your target audience with precision. People’s norms and preferences change over time, so by carefully studying your market and potential audience through demographics, you can identify changing needs and interests in the marketplace or your membership base and adjust accordingly to them.

The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire the demographic data of your audience. You can build it up by using various tools that’ll enable your intended audience to share their insights, interests, opinions, skill sets, and other attributes that form part of a study in qualifying them for a specific undertaking. Then you start to communicate with them directly!
But just exactly how would you accomplish such a feat?

Learn about more Member365’s various Form Data Collector, List Builder, and Email Campaign modules! These are the holy trinity of demography creators that will help your various campaigns achieve efficiency. These are modules that are already built into any level of subscription of the program! Never again you will be thrown into a guessing game of who is your target audience. They are already in your membership base, you will just have to utilize the available tools to bring them to the fore.