There are a plethora of ideas to make in-person events just as engaging and interesting. And even without much effort, the personal touch of direct interaction is in itself is an experience that feeds the human psyche and is worth encountering again. But what about online events?

How do we make them appealing on the same level as in-person events?

Nothing can level the playing field that will equate the effectiveness of in-person events to virtual encounters. That was then. But this is now. The pandora of pandemic fatigue has sparked the revolution of making virtual events not only safe but engaging, fruitful, and profitable.

How? Let’s consider some areas where virtual events can stand out and engaging.

The Streaming Software. Explore the many options of looking at the best virtual streaming software available. Remember, your streaming software will make or break your virtual event. Is it reliable? Is it easy to use and accessible to all your general audience? Does it have the features that help you execute all your programs, pre and post-event in terms of reports and other needs?

Amplification Tools. Use amplification tools to reach and remind your target audience of the event. These tools will help you leverage social media in boosting awareness of the event thereby helping increase the rate of attendance. Examples of great app tools are Membership Management software, Hootsuite, Buffer, or LinkedIn.

Think about your Audience. In outlining your event, do not forget to initially think about the audience. Who are your target attendees and sponsors? Have you communicated with your sales team so they can help you qualify who is worthy to target or not?

The Whole Experience. Have you ever heard of the maxim that the whole experience is greater than the sum of its parts? This is true, especially for virtual events. We want to ‘wow” your attendees not just on the actual event itself but make sure that they get an easy walk-in-the-park experience not just during the actual event dates but before and after the occasion. Do you have a seamless registration process? Can they easily access resources where they can research for information and connect to your event management team? What happens after the event? Do you have a program in place to thank, connect and follow up with your attendees? Put yourself in the shoes of your target leads and meditate how the pre and post-event scenario would look like and then plot your plans, objectives, and requirements.

Keep the Interest All throughout the Program. Re-create the in-person event experience. This is not easy. It’s not easy to keep your audience glued to their video monitors. Consider the following tips:
A. Keep segments short as possible.
B. Hire an energetic emcee or host. This will help stir excitement all throughout the program.
C. If some segments of the programs are pre-recorded, consider staging some sections live.
D. Use ice breakers like hiring a DJ or a fitness coach to shake off the rust of boredom.

What happens after the event? Thank your attendees. Ask feedback and surveys what they think about the whole experience, pre, and post. This will help you plan the next one with more improvement and ease. event.

The event industry has been shaken and disrupted by the influx of ways and means these online events are staged. And every execution introduces new concepts and exciting twists and turns that contribute to a more immersive and authentic experience as the real in-person event.