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Member365 is an all-in-one membership management platform designed specifically for organizations to grow membership, automate common data-driven tasks and strengthen member engagement.

Member365 eliminates the need to juggle multiple web tools by providing an all-in-one management dashboard that centralizes all contact data. With Member365, there is no need to dig through and merge reporting from several data sources, or rely on spreadsheets to manage critical business processes.

Empower your organization to:

Increase member engagement
Build an online community by allowing your members to easily share content and collaborate with a group or peer-to-peer.

Boost productivity
Automate your day-to-day administrative processes so that you can focus on engaging with your members and build your membership.

Grow Revenue
Recruit and retain members easily with automated application and renewal processes.

Know Where Your Membership Stands
Full reporting and analytics that show you where your membership stands.

Integrated Education
Manage your member education by building programs while keeping track of credits and certification.

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