Communication has been an easy peasy effort in our day in age. We can let our message out on an instant using various forms of online media avenues. But how can we make the content of our message engaging enough to solicit the attention of our readers? How can we pique their interest and keep them reading?

While the world of social media reshaped the messaging concepts with more colloquialism, email campaigns need to be constructed with more context and form. Why? Because the very core objective of membership communication is of prime importance. Let’s consider some tips.

1. Know your audience. We need to tailor-fit our content to our target audience. Do we need to simplify the terms that we use or make points more elaborative to make our message easily conveyable? Can our audience grasp our communication more efficiently with the use of images or illustrations rather than purely texts? Should we adjust the volume of our message content accordingly to our intended readers? Asking ourselves similar questions that reveal the kind of audience we have will help us customize our communication more efficiently.

2. Create an interest-provoking subject line. The subject line is the very first thing your audience sees when you send them an email. The subject line will make or break their attention! A less enticing subject line can easily be thrown into the email bin! But an intriguing one can contribute to a higher open rate which leads your audience to the body of your email! A short but unique, catchy, and interesting subject line is the doorkeeper of an effective email.

3. Writing in Second Person. Writing in the second person requires the use of pronouns such as you, your, and yours. This will make your audience easier for them to relate to the message or content of your email. Here are some tips on who to write in the second person.

4. Highlight benefits over features. A feature of a product, service, or event can be interesting. But translating it on how your audience can benefit from it can help your reader understand its value and importance.

5. Keep it short but with prime content. Most people resent seeing too many texts on email messages. We need to keep our messages as direct to the point as possible.

6. Don’t use text alone. With the advent of online tools, you can use images, graphics, hyperlinks, icons that help the visual and reading experience less boring but more engaging. Member365 program has an Email Marketing module that will help you create your email campaign with an array of easy-to-use email tools to help enhance your email messaging to your members.

The hustle and bustle of online media create a lot of media traffic noise. We need to create emails that are engaging and unique to catch the attention of our audience.