November 28, 2017

The 4 Pillars of Chamber Membership Value

Chamber of Commerce membership offers a myriad of benefits. Revolving around 4 main pillars, keep these in mind to direct and organize the efforts of your Chamber of Commerce.

Community. Chamber membership is an investment with a distinct purpose for businesses, but just as important is the sense of community it carries.

The communication that occurs, both formally and informally, through email, social media or online forums, all help members feel connected and part of a respected group.

Engagement. Being a member is one thing, but being engaged is another. When the Chamber staff and/or enthusiastic volunteers proactively reach out to members, it makes them feel like their Chamber legitimately cares for them. Whether it?s a reminder about an event or an invitation to participate in a committee, these contacts are an easy way to cultivate a sense of appreciation in your members.

Opportunity. It?s easy to see Chamber membership as a one-dimensional. Business leaders focus on attending events and meeting new contacts. Expose them to the opportunity to showcase products/services at an event, deliver a presentation to members, sponsor an event, etc. and they will perceive it the opportunity as a bonus.

Results. Before anything else, Chamber membership is a business investment. As such, it?s central to Chamber success to deliver tangible results to members. Ideas include: support for member businesses, community networking opportunities, a sense of legitimate cares and concern, and access to expanded reach.

What is your Chamber doing to excel in each of these categories?

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