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Switch to Member365 in 3 Easy Steps

1.  What problems do you need to solve?

Confidence is knowing that the membership management software you implement will be a great fit for your organization.  Book a call to receive a personalized demonstration.

  • Get your questions answered

  • Receive a tailored demonstration to establish a great fit

  • Discover how you can grow using Member365

  • Discuss the implementation process and how to get started

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Member365 Onboarding

2.  Start the Onboarding Journey

You get access to our purpose built project management tool so that you get up and running as quickly as possible.  Book unlimited Zoom calls to receive personalized training, support and to get help with Member365 setup.

  • Setup your membership categories

  • Import your existing membership data

  • Add PCI compliant credit card processing

  • Integrate Member365 into your website

3. Launch to your Membership

Invite contacts to login to your new member portal by enabling additional features that help them to communicate, collaborate and get access to important member only resources.

  • Discussion forums, directories, file libraries, events and much more

  • Send a personalized email invitation to your membership

  • Usernames and passwords are automatically created for you

  • Track member adoption with engagement analytics

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I realized that everything I need to run my organization is right in front of me!

Carrie Ann Taylor, Operations Manager, INA
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We highly recommend Member365 for non-profit organizations.  The ‘no question is a stupid question’ approach was much appreciated!

Carol Rochefort, CAE, Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
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The highest recommendation I can give any company has to do with the people. Working with terrific people makes all the difference. Member365 is available, friendly, helpful, and professional!

Paul MacKay, CAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Member365 knowledge base to help me?2021-08-17T14:30:43-05:00

Yes!  You can visit the knowledge base here:

Is Member365 PCI Compliant?2021-11-01T10:52:38-05:00

Yes.  More information can be found in this PCI compliance knowledge base article.

I already have a website, does Member365 work with it?2019-08-03T15:01:20-05:00

Yes!  Member365 can be integrated into your existing website.  However, if you are looking for a new public website, we can help you with that too!  Please contact our sales team for more information.

How much are the setup/onboarding fees?2021-10-18T14:56:47-05:00

Onboarding fees start at $2,500 which includes the setup of your membership, data import, financial configuration and basic member portal.   Contact us to discuss your specific setup requirements to better understand our approach and cost associated.

Does Member365 manage event registrations?2021-08-17T14:37:05-05:00

Yes!  Member365 includes an events feature that can be used for simple and complex event types.  Learn more in our knowledge base.

Can i use my existing payment gateway with Member365?2021-02-12T10:33:07-05:00

It depends on which payment gateway you wish to use.  Our preferred payment system is Bambora.  We also support Stripe and

Can I try Member365 free for 30 days?2021-08-17T14:32:30-05:00

Yes!  To get started, complete this form and you will be provided with a copy of the software to try for free!

Can I import my existing contact data?2019-07-05T17:22:39-05:00

Yes!  We provide a data import tool that automates the job.  You always have access to it!

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