Why Membership Managers Should Think About Acquisition Channels

How many different ways can members find and connect with your application form? These are called member acquisition channels.

If you’re like most member-based organizations, you’ve got one or two. Maybe you allow members to apply in person, or on your website.

15 years ago, 2 was plenty. In 2019, things are different.

Technology has changed what it takes to connect with prospective members. Attention and time are limited, and expectation If your application process hasn’t changed to keep pace, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with an ocean of new members.

Here’s one tool you can use right now:

The No-Login Link

A no-login link (for membership applications) is a simple link that opens your application form and allows a prospective member to apply and pay for membership without having to create, or confirm, a profile.

Once this form is submitted, the work of creating a member profile is done automatically on behalf of your member by your membership management software.

No-login links allow you to engineer the content you produce for email, social media, and messaging to drive applications. By including a no-login link, as you would a regular hyperlink, in message content.

This is a simple idea, but can ignite your membership acquisition strategy by enabling you add and full take advantage of new, modern acquisition channels and drive member applications.

Use Case: Social Media

Put yourself in the shoes of a member who becomes interested in joining your organization after consuming content you’ve posted to social media.

They come across your content, consume it, and their interest is piqued. They decide they want to join.

What do they do now?

Without a no-login link, there is no immediate way to apply for membership from the body of your content, so they head to your website, or if they’re already on your blog, they head to your home page.

That’s a click.

From the homepage, they search around for your application.

That’s another click. As time goes by, their interest wanes.

Maybe they find a path to application, but it requires them to download a PDF form, or create a profile. They start the process, but as time goes on – interest wanes, and they decide they’ll get around to it later.

Of course, they never actually do!

Application without a no-login link.

Consider the alternative. What would this process have looked like with a no-login link?

With a no-login link, it’s a simple matter of clicking hyperlinked text in the content of your post, filling out a form, and pressing ‘apply’ to process a payment. Immediately, your Membership Management Software processes the payment and automatically sends confirmation, receipt, and login info.

From initial interest to successful acquisition in under a minute.

Consider the alternative. What would that situation have looked like without a no-login link to apply for membership?

They come across your content, consume it, and their interest is piqued. They decide they want to join.

Email, Messaging, and More

The no-login link works for more than just social media. Used strategically, it can empower your emails and messaging – turning them into powerful member acquisition tools!

Check the blog next week and we’ll show you how!