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Members will love how easy it is to apply and renew their membership. Administrators will love how much time they get back.

Administrator Toolkit

Member365 empowers you to tailor every aspect of membership management to your unique rules and workflows. Automate renewals, payments, and email communications, while supporting diverse member types and efficient approval workflows.

Custom Forms

Build customizable forms designed to gather detailed insights, enabling a deeper understanding of applicants and renewing members.

Automated Renewals

Streamline the renewal process with automated reminders, online payment processing, and seamless updates to membership status.

Integrated Payments

Easily integrate PCI-compliant payment processors including Worldline, Stripe or

Individuals, Organizations, Groups

Effortlessly manage diverse membership types with customizable levels and classifications to accommodate the unique needs of each membership.


Streamline the approval process for membership applications & renewals with customizable workflows tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

Automated Email Communication

Tailor and personalize email communications sent as part of your workflow, ensuring that every message reflects your organization’s brand and message.

Member Toolkit

Your members will love the seamless experience that Member365 offers. Easily apply or renew membership with a few clicks and enjoy secure, hassle-free online payments. Stay informed with personalized updates and communication tailored to their specific interests.

Streamlined Applications

Members enjoy a quick and user-friendly application process with easy-to-follow steps and instant confirmation.

Automated Renewals

Members benefit from hassle-free renewals with automated reminders and simplified renewal procedures, ensuring continuous membership without interruptions.

PCI Compliant Payments

Members can make secure and convenient online payments for membership dues and renewals, offering peace of mind and flexibility.

Personalized Communication

Members receive tailored and timely communications, keeping them informed about important updates, events, and opportunities relevant to their interests.

Improved Service

Your members will experience prompt and effective support from your organization association, as streamlined workflows allow for faster response times and better member service.

Enhanced Member Engagement

Your membership will enjoy increased engagement opportunities through targeted outreach, event invitations, and participation in community activities, facilitated by the software’s comprehensive management tools.

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Adapt Member365 to fit your organization with over 20 customizable modules designed for your unique challenges, workflow and administration.

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