October 13, 2017

Member365 Minute ? October 13 2017

Now that you’ve learned how to guarantee your E-Mail marketing messages make it into your recipients inbox, Member365 is here to help you ensure your recipients click by providing:

3 Subject Line Tips To Boost Your E-Marketing Engagement

Your E-Mail marketing subject lines do the work of popping through the clutter of your recipient’s inbox. If they don’t do this job well, it doesn’t matter how good your E-Mail is – because no one will read it!

Fortunately, Member365 is here to provide a few tried-and-tested subject line tips and templates to boost your Email open rates:

1) ‘What Successful (Target Audience) Know That Struggling One’s Don’t.’

This subject line grabs attention, speaks directly to an audience, and offers immediate value for a recipient’s click – 3 virtues of a successful subject line.

Feel free to steal it! Don’t be afraid to play around with adjectives to make this subject line just right for your target audience.

2) Use The ‘How-To’ Format

How-to article headlines are popular for a reason – they work! And for more than just articles.

Don’t think you need to reinvent the wheel to make your subject lines stand out, and borrow this tried-and-true method for your E-Mail subject lines!

3) Lists, Lists, Lists!

The fact that you’re reading this article right now demonstrates that offering a list in an email subject line works!

In the paper, on social media, in your email inbox – lists are a proven method to attract the attention of readers.

More Tips From Member365

Use these subject lines in your upcoming E-Marketing messages and enjoy the boost they provide to your open rates!

For more tips like these, be sure to look through the Member365 Minute archive by clicking below – and don’t forget to check back in for next week’s tips!

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