August 14, 2021

Internet Media Detoxification ? Is there Such a Thing?

No there isn?t. Because we live in an age where social interactions, businesses, governmental/political initiatives, and other fields of human endeavor rely on internet media either to source their data to feed their processes or to sell their wares either to make money or propagate their ideals. The world is evolving. The data that is being harnessed by social media is big data. Ignore it, you will be left behind.

We have read, watched and heard programs that feature people who worked with social media giants who shared their thoughts on how the information is gathered by these tech companies becomes the fertilizer in helping businesses grow, engage societal involvement, and even steer political ideologies. They gather data not only from the stroke of the keyboards or swiping of screens of the unsuspecting public, but even though the spying eyes and ears of online cameras and microphones. There is at current no clear plan and path to mandate control of how data is supposed to be collected. It?s scary yes. But to the eyes of the profiteer, it?s the promised land, and never will it stop to detoxify itself from the opium of data it worships!

But let?s ask the question again, is there such a thing called internet media detoxification? To the average person, yes there is!

While we admit that social media bridges the gapping void created by the governmental isolation mandates brought about by this pandemic, the internet has made us connect, interact, and feel closer to our acquaintances and loved ones. That is the boom. Now, what is the bane? Addiction!

Just how much time do people spend on their screens?

But how do we detoxify ourselves from internet media? Ask yourself, when online, does internet media saves me time or takes time away from me? If the answer is yes, find ways to limit your internet usage particularly social media. Take time to smell the outdoors and shut off those notifications or put it on airplane mode.

Set a time and limit your children?s online presence.? If back in earlier days children were given TV time, then online time needs to be scheduled as well. Know what they explore online. But how? Let?s face it, we cannot monitor them 24/7. Do not tell them which website is bad or wrong. Instead, teach them principles. Then these principles will act as their compass to build their power of discernment to decide for themselves what is appropriate or not.

Leave the phones out from your bedrooms, dining area, and other places in the house that are supposed to be areas for family social interactions. Because if we let these devices take over when the phones are switched on, the family switches off. Schedule activities, play board games, and engage in community activities as a family.

Internet media use can benefit us immensely. But like any other tools, if used inappropriately and with the wrong engagement levels, it can negatively affect us and those around us. Detoxify now!

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