June 15, 2021

How to Stand Out from the Crowd When Applying for a Job

When you post a job on Indeed or LinkedIn, you receive hundreds of applications as an employer. If you want to be hired out of hundreds of candidates, you need to stand out. This article provides seven tips to help you on your next job hunt to make the cut.

Save your CSV as a PDF

When you apply for an employment opportunity, it best practice to save your resume as a PDF. Too often, candidates upload the resume or CSV as a word document, and most platforms like Indeed require word documents to be downloaded instead of easy view with a PDF. Providing a Word document can also make you look unprofessional and lazy. So make sure you save your resume as a PDF before delivering it to a potential employer.

Don’t be a button pusher

Understandably, you need a job to provide for your loved ones and yourself. However, it is crucial to make sure you find a good fit for the long term to build a career you enjoy.? So don’t be a random button-pusher for every job you see, or you will never get a call for an interview. Make sure you read the job posting carefully for any instructions. If there is something specific that employers are requesting, and if you fail to provide it, you will not be considered for the opportunity.

Do your research on the company

Once you have read the job posting carefully, the next step is to do your homework and learn about the company. What do they do? Is it a SAAS company? Can you get a trial account of the software to test it out yourself? If you can test it out yourself, DO IT as it shows drive and initiative.

Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter can determine if you are going to be selected for an interview or not. Nowadays, if you do not write a cover letter, your application will not even be considered. In your cover letter, make sure you include any instructions in the job posting. Also, include any you have learned about the company during your research. What do you like about them? What can they do better? How can you help them? Make the cover letter about them just as much as it is about showcasing your experience and skills. Answer the question, why should we consider you for the position?

Use LinkedIn

Go above and beyond by reaching out to the hiring manager or CEO on LinkedIn after applying for the position. This shows drive and that you are doing your homework and are serious about the position. It also makes the hiring manager take a more serious look at your resume and LinkedIn profile, ensuring they match and are up to date.

Ask questions at the Interview

Interviews are as much for you as the employer to ensure you are both a fit and aligned for your future career. Interviewers are looking to see what you learned about the company. Can you tell them what the company does? Do you have questions about the company and the services they offer? Are you making sure you are going to fit within the company? When candidates ask lots of questions is shows the interviewers that you are interested in the company and position and are taking the interview process seriously. The worst interviews are when they are one-sided and can cause the interviewers to no longer consider you a candidate.

Always Follow Up and Say Thank you

No matter how many rounds of interviews you go through, always send a thank-you email to all interviewers. The thank-you email shows your care and professionalism. This can make or break your chances of getting that second interview or even being hired.

In conclusion, these are a few tips to help you stand out during the application process to find a job that fits you. To learn what job opportunities are available at Member365,?learn more here.

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