Added the ability to upload PDFs into emails.

You can now include PDF?s in emails by uploading them into the rich text editor.

Added inception date filter to the active membership report

You can now filter by inception date on the active membership report.

Added the renewal date to the archived member export.

You can now see the renewal dates on the archived member export.

Added the option to not show the membership form questions in the member portal

You can now choose to hide the membership form questions in the member portal so the member does not have access to it.

We updated the warning message when deleting a membership.

The message has been updated to be more clear as to what deleting a membership does and the data it affects.

Added a warning message to the form page when a form has not been published.

We added a message to the user when a form has been changed but not published and the user tries to leave the page before saving.

Created the ability to control if add-ons can be purchased on the membership application and/or renewal.

You can now choose to allow addons to be purchased during application and/or renewal. Learn More Here.


Job filter improvements.

We solved an issue that job filters were not returning proper results under certain situations.

Online training courses not showing when a deadline date is included.

We fixed an issue that under certain conditions when a course had a deadline date it would not appear in the course catalog.

Education Credit report update.

You can now filter on past collection periods in the education credit report.

?MemberSince? tag not working on Approval Emails.

We solved an issue that the ?MemberSince? tag would not display the correct information in the application approved email.

Web Form with Sections are not saving properly.

Web forms that included sections were not saving the data entered by the user, this issue is resolved and the data will properly be saved and can be submitted by the user.

Promo code discounts are not being applied to the proper general ledger

Promo codes discounts will now be applied to the correct general ledger.

Admin notifications not being sent when a store purchase is made.

The email that notifies an admin when a store purchase is made will now be sent correctly.