Fundraiser Description

The fundraiser description was not allowing a file or image to be uploaded. The description will now allow files and images to be uploaded and displayed properly in the fundraiser itself.

Workspace directory

The workspace directory was showing soft deleted contacts. Soft deleted contacts will no longer show.

Form responses export

We have added the job title of a contact to the form responses export.

Soft delete contacts still show on admin page

If an admin was soft deleted the admin would still show on the admin repots page. These soft deleted contacts will no longer show.

Vote form update

A timer was showing on a vote form when viewing on a mobile device. The timer will no longer show.

Event Reports update

The number of tickets was displaying incorrectly in the “tickets” tab in the event reports. The numbers are displaying correctly now.

Archived members still having access to the member portal

In certain situations, archived members where still being allowed access to the member portal. This issue has been resolved.

Recurring fundraisers

Recurring fundraising payments were not being properly recorded in the revenue report. The information will now show correctly.