Job updates

We added the option to make the salary mandatory when posting a job. To manage this you can visit Modules>Job Board>Job board settings>Job posting management and turn on the following option – Make Salary a mandatory field when posting a job?

Workspace discussion board search

The workspaces search function will now search the content of the discussion forums and return matching results.

Contact demographic update

You can now grant access to a group of contacts to your contact demographics. For example, you can automatically assign a contact demographic to anyone that has a specific membership, that means a contact that joins that membership will automatically be given the contact demographic. You can event set it up that anyone that is on a list from our listbulder feature will be given the demographic. To do this go to your contact demographic under Modules>Forms>Manage and open a contact demographic form, click the access tab and assign access to membership and or a list.? Always remember to save the form 🙂