File Library file types

You can now add MP4 files to the file library to share your most recent videos.

Organization name smart tag

You can now use a smart tag that will pull the organization name associated to the contact into your membership certificates.

Telephone call log

We added an export to the telephone call log so you can access all the details from your telephone log report.

Email campaign report

We added a delete option to the email campaign reports and analytics page so you can remove any unwanted historical data from your past email campaigns.

Membership record update

You can now see if a membership is pending review directly from the main contact record. This will make it more obvious that a membership needs to be reviewed by an administrator.

Video library

You can now choose which membership categories will have access to specific videos and choose to hide them for other membership categories. By default, all categories will have access to the video and you can remove categories by unchecking the appropriate box. You can also choose to show videos to non-member or hide them,? by default non-members will have access to the videos.

Directory update

You can now create a directory that by default will display all contacts that you set to show in the directory and the user will have the option to opt out of the directory from the member portal directory settings page.