Purchase order update

You can now add purchase order number to all invoice types and search for the purchase order number from the main invoice page. The purchase order number has also been added to the revenue report export.

Member portal login page

You can now add additional messaging to your member portal login screen. To add or edit this information you can go to configuration>Member portal>Member portal login page. The information added here will display on the left-hand side of the member portal login page.

Event registration form settings

You can now collect organization name and job title during the event registration process, and you can make these fields mandatory to register for the event. To adjust these settings, you can got to the event setup and click the settings tab.

Audit log for invoices

We have added an audit log to all invoices. The log will appear below the invoice and track all the activity that takes place with each individual invoice.

Viewing invoices

You can now access the invoice from the purchase history on a contact record as well as download it. Clicking the invoice number will open the invoice in a new tab for you to view and manage. You can click the print icon to download and view the invoice.