Archived membership report

We added an option in the Archive membership report that allows you to return results that will show contacts that have archived memberships only. When this option is used contacts with both active or lapsed AND archived membership will not show. Please note this is not available on the Archive member report, they are 2 different reports.

Creating a new Administrator

When creating a new administrator, we have automatically set email consent to implied and expressed to be sure that your admins can receive emails.

Help Center addition to main menu

You will now see a help center option in the top menu where you can access all the necessary tool for a successful day in the office! You can quickly access the knowledge base, submit a ticket, view our instructional videos, read our latest blog posts and get access to our software release notes, like this one!

Workspace Images

You will now see the images in your workspace discussion without having to download them!

Hide/show option in member portal

We added the ability for you to hide or show gender, birth date and biography in the member portal. To change these options, go to ? contacts>settings>profile control.


Renewal reminder report

We removed contacts with no email address from renewal reminder report and hide the reminder Icon on the contact record. With no way to email these contacts they should not be on the report or have the reminder icon on the membership record.

Billing manager renewal issue

In unique cases the billing manager was unable to renew the membership for the primary account holder. This is solved and the renewals can be completed successfully.

Saving an Event fix

When saving an event as a draft there was a database error if there were not tickets created for your event. You can now save an event in draft mode if you have not ticket.

Video library

We fixed a logic issue where the video library was showing in certain cases, even though it should not have been showing.

Merge Tags

We fixed the merge (smart) tags for the custom badges in the member portal. The tags will now display the proper information.

Archived report fix

In certain cases the archive report was not showing all the archived dates. The dates will now show correctly.