Contact Profile control in the member Portal

You can now limit the fields a user can edit in the member portal. To control these settings, you click Contacts>Settings>Profile control to turn on or off the ability to control these fields.


Store product purchases are not pulling province in revenue report

The province associated to the contact will now appear in the revenue report.

Form with sections not allowing users to submit forms

We solved an issue that in specific conditions forms were not able to be submitted. The forms will now submit correctly.

Memberships that are set maximum renewal and graduated memberships renewal reminders not sending

If a membership was setup to have a renewal limit and once that limit was reached set to have the member move to another membership category the renewal reminders were not sending. These renewal reminders will now send correctly.

Primary contacts ability to add members to the member portal

When adding portal accounts the primary has the option to send an invitation to the member portal. This function was not working in certain conditions. The Invitation will now be sent properly.