Earning CEC?s via LMS courses

We updated the ability to earn CEC?s when taking an LMS course, previously the contact would have to have a collection period for the credits to be applied to their CEC?s now the credits will be applied in all conditions when a course is setup to earn credits and the course is completed.

Get notified when members edit their profile

You can now get a detailed report of what information is changed, and not changed, when a contact updates their information in the member portal.? Click here to learn more.

Allow a zip file to be uploaded for a store product

You can now add a zip file to a ?file type? store product and when the item is purchased the contact will be able to download the zip file.

Adding organization tags to the shared tag report

You can now filter on organization tags in the shared tag report.


Membership dues in the extended fields report

Membership dues were not updating in the extended field reports. The dues are now updating when the fees for the membership are changed.

Incorrect provinces showing in public jobs site

We were showing additional, incorrect provinces in the public jobs site province dropdown, only the correct provinces will show now.

In job view we do not show province in the job posting

When viewing a job in the member portal we were displaying () and not the actual province that the job was location in. The proper province will show now.

Exporting job title is causing a DB error in the list builder module

When exporting a list and including job title in the export would cause a database error. The list will now properly export.