Event categories

You can now create event categories to better organize your events and they can be shown as different colors on the event calendar. To setup your event categories go to the event setting page and click on “event categories”

New list filter

You can now filter on date ranges on guests that registered and attended events during a period of time. You can also filter to find guest that registered for and/or attended specific event categories.

adding a renewal options when a collection period is still active.

CRM and Member portal login

We added the ability for you to see your password as you type it when logging into the member portal and admin CRM.

Impersonation? permission

We added the option so that admins with permission management can allow or not allow other admins the ability to impersonate contacts. You can find this new permission using the permission menu item on the contact record

?LMS course duplication

We added the option to duplicate an LMS course, you can find this option in the Course management page.