Adding option to hide the video library and LMS from non-members

You can now hide the video library and Learning management options from non-member in the member portal.

Add the ability to edit file names in workspaces and committee file libraries

You can now edit the files in the file library in workspaces and committees. You can also edit the categories and sub-categories for these files.

Creating a contact – mandatory fields

You can now create a contact with just a First and Last name OR an email.

Adding contact email address tag for certificates

You can now add the contact email tag to certificates to populate the email of the contact in the certificate.

into a membership that used collection periods.

Creating a test membership page

You can now quickly test your memberships from the membership category landing page by click the green test button and following the on screen help.


Payment date filter for revenue report

The revenue report was returning results outside of the set date range. The results will now match the filtered dates.

Dates for workshop does not show in French version

If you were in French language mode the workshop dates were not appearing on the ticket details page.

Online public Store

If you had a donation attached to store products and were using the public store the donation page was being cut off and the user would be unable to complete the purchase. This is fixed

File categories not saving when only English language is on

If you were using Member365 in English only mode you would not be able to save a file category within the workspace, this has been fixed.

Grace periods on collection periods

Grace periods within a collection period were being improperly calculated when a new member applied. This is fixed and the grace periods are now accurate.

Education Activities being duplicated

Under certain conditions when an activity was approved the activity and the associated credits were being duplicated. This issue has bee resolved.

No approval button on jobs modifications pending approval

When the job board is set to approve modifications there was no way to approve the job. The Approve and deny buttons now show.