Improving email that is sent when a store product is purchased

We have updated the email that admins will receive when a store product is purchased. You can now see the invoice and what item is purchased in the email.

Event registration modification email?

We improved the email that a guest receives when they withdrawal or make changes to their event registration.

Committee file categories

We added the ability to add and remove file categories in committee workspaces.

Master committee export

You can now export all your committee information in one export from the main committee page.

Directory speed improvements

We made some improvements to increase the loading and searching speed of the member portal and public directories.

List builder improvements

We added the ability to filter people that are registered to events and marked as attended as well as those registered but not marked as attended.

Continuing education SmartTags

We added additional smart tags to the continuing education emails. You can now include smart tags that will show the following – the number of credits left to earn in the collection period, the number of credits that the contact has earned in the collection period and the number of credits the collection period needs to be successfully completed.