Third party link was not working for our events module

We solved an issue where the when using a third part link to register your members to an event the link was breaking and the user was shown an error message, the users will now be directed to the correct page.

State drop down menu has incorrect states when searching.

We solved an issue that when you searched for a state in the drop-down incorrect results were showing.

Activity not getting added to the activity level credits

We solved a specific issue that under very specific circumstances activity level credits were not being applied correctly.

Extended fields report is not pulling all the data

The extended fields report will now pull all the correct data and can be exported in full.

Employee account activity report filters are missing

The membership filter was not populating all the membership categories on this report. You can now filter by membership categories.


Removed the requirement for a contact to have an email address

You can now edit a contact and remove their email address.

Added an archived date to the membership page in a contact record

You can now see the date that a membership was archived on the membership page within the contact record.

In our list builder module when user clicks the contact name link to the contact record

When you click a contact in your lists you can now easily go to the contact record.

Adding group membership help text

In our membership creator we have added more help text to the options so its easier for admins to configure the settings.

We changed the view of the membership landing page

You will now see all the most relevant data related to your memberships on the membership landing page.

We added Date of Birth to application form

You can now collect the date of birth of a contact on the membership application and renewal forms.

Added MOV file type as an upload option to forms builder

You can now collect .MOV video files when selecting a file type question in the form builder.