Adding a fundraiser name to the fundraiser setup

You can now set a ?fundraiser name? for fundraisers and the fund name will be displayed on the official donation invoice. You can do this from the fundraiser settings page, receipt configuration.

Public job board

We have added dropdowns to the public job board.

Job board link

You can now easily copy and paste the public job board link from the website integration page in the job settings.

Organization export

You can now export all the organizations and their details on the ?view organizations? page.

Collection period update

You can now see the membership category and its status on the collection period dropdown on the contacts education record.

Added training video link to the help center

You can now easily access our library of instructional videos and webinars from the help center on the dashboard.

Added a Member Portal link to the menu bar (Beta)

You can now access the member portal from anywhere in Member365 Beta. The link to the member portal can be found at the top of your screen beside the help link.


Cloning Memberships

If you cloned a membership the new membership category would not have the automated emails. The emails will now populate properly.

Multi date event visual improvement

We fixed the alignment of the dates and times on the registration page to be more easily read.

Organizations showing multiple times in the directory

The organization name was displaying multiple times in the directory when an organization had multiple employee/group accounts. The organization will now only show one time.

Fundraiser receipt

In the case where a fundraiser was part of a membership purchase and the membership was set to be approved, the donation receipt would not be sent until the membership was approved and not sent if the membership was denied. Now the official donation receipt will be sent once the purchase is complete.

Multiple memberships in pre-approval state

If a contact had two memberships that were in a pre-approval state, the workflow would not allow the admin to approve the memberships correctly. This is now solved the memberships can be approved.

Job posting duration

We fixed an issue that if a job was modified and approved the duration of the post was being reset to its original duration. The job will now be active for the correct amount of time.