Events Built For Your Membership

Event management integrated with purpose built membership management CRM.

Streamline every facet of event organization with Member365. Automate registration, ticketing, and attendee communications, while seamlessly integrating with our purpose built CRM for superior event experiences.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos forever.

No More Spreadsheets or Data Silos

Say goodbye to data chaos. Member365’s fully featured events management module will streamline your operations and eliminate the need to use multiple tools.

Membership-Based Pricing

Easily set different rates for members and non-members, simplifying registration and enhancing member engagement.


Never send redundant messages again. Using Member365’s integrated CRM to filter lists, ensuring members are not asked to register for events they’re already attending.

Effortless Group Registrations

Allow members to easily purchase event tickets for others within the platform, simplifying the registration process and enhancing user convenience.

Member Self-

Allow members to seamlessly withdraw and receive automated refunds without asking for help from your admin team.

Integrated CEU

Link CEU credits to events. Automatically generate certificates, track credits earned, and simplify reporting for streamlined compliance management.

Event management software purpose built for membership organizations.

Adapt Member365 to fit your organization with over 20 customizable modules designed for your unique challenges, workflow and administration.

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