We live in a world where opinion matters. Community projects, social programs, and businesses are driven to operate based on what the public or market feels, thinks, and speaks.  In our day in age, data is like a gold mine and every chunk and piece of it becomes usable data that influences how we steer our group, business, or organization in the right direction. 

Let us go back in time to how surveys were conducted. 

Paper surveys. Gone are the days when you need to mail out a paper survey with a paid postage so that people can fill it out, go to their local post office, and mail it back. You collect the mail after a couple of days, read and assess the survey sheet, tabulate the answers into one main ledger. Oh, and I forgot, you had to use a pen to check off and write counting strokes for tabulation. Then the abacus comes into play. I am kidding, the calculator has been in existence since 1967. That was then. 

This is now. 

Social media opinion polls, crowdsourcing, emailed surveys, post-purchase, service feedback trackers and almost any undertaking we know of solicits an opinion that takes shape and form to define the perception of the public on almost any human endeavor. It goes to a repository of data computing software paired with business intelligence analytics all designed to just present the finished product – what happened, why it happened, and which direction to go now. 

Companies spend millions of dollars in their bottom line to gather customer opinions or buy secondhand survey information just to get ahead of the game.  Never in the history of data mining had we experienced how survey data can greatly help us adjust our sails as we navigate through an ocean of uncertainties. 

In your drive to efficiently manage your membership platform, whatever lurks around your members’ head is so vital to harvest.  Reaping that fresh and raw feedback will become a prime piece of a larger demographic landscape that will in the long run help you in your drive to run programs, develop events and campaigns that blend in with the members’ interests, therefore stir more engagement within the group. 

Member365 survey and poll feature is a powerful tool that empowers you to dive into the deepest recesses of your members’ thoughts, actions, habits, behaviors, professional and social field and translates that usable data into an actionable pool of projects and initiatives all designed to keep membership cohesiveness. Do you want to know how it works and how your membership group can harness that great feature? Contact us, book a demo and prepare to be amazed! The survey tool of Member365 is just the tip of the iceberg!