Are you struggling to get your business community at talking about the value of membership in your Chamber? Here are some options you might not have considered:

High-interest topic. Is there an advocacy or business-related issue your members have a keen interest in? Sometimes addressing a tough issue head-on can be a great way to create energy and enthusiasm about your event.

Local hero. Moving away from a traditional speaker or format to showcase some local entrepreneur or success story can bring an relatable feel to your next Chamber event – making attendance more approachable to those on the fence about attending.

Member-hosted event. Have you considered recruiting a member to host an event? Restaurants are particularly interested in this option, but other companies may also be keen. Particularly effective for social events – your members will have a vested interest in promoting event success!

Member milestone. Have you ever taken time at your events to recognize a member who has achieved a specific milestone in their business? Awards, anniversary’s and announcements are all fantastic ways to build credibility, camaraderie, and relevance with your members.

Member minute. Sometimes, allowing a member to share some unique value or resource (meal etiquette or sales tip) can be a great way to bring even more value. It exposes attendees to add-on info they would not have known – and gives speakers an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise to an audience.

Structured networking. Most members struggle with networking. By incorporating structured networking exercises at the beginning or end of an event, you can cultivate the value of membership as attendees connect.

Post-event event. One of the ways to deliver extra value to event attendees can be scheduling an additional session or workshop following a regular program. This added bonus can be promoted – or included as a “surprise bonus” for those who wish to stay.

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