When you’re creating email campaigns to reach out to your membership audience it’s important that you understand how small changes and tactics can be integrated to improve your open and click rates. Review this article to learn more about the power of email marketing and how it can impact your organization.

Not sure what email click through rates are? Check out our knowledge base article: How to Understand Open Rate vs Click Rate

Here are 5 tips to help improve your email click-through rates.

1. Provide Value

Sending an email seems so simple but there are techniques behind it that will make your emails more effective for your audience. Think of all the times you opened up an email and you gained something from reading it. Maybe you learned something that you used later on or you read something that provoked you take action (register for an event, purchase a product, forwarded to a colleague) the list goes on. Maybe you didn’t take action but it evoked a reaction out of you (you may have smiled, felt a strong emotion, laughed at some of the content).

The emails that have led to this provided value to you in one way or another and this is what effective email marketing will do. Providing valuable content for your readers is essential for your brand and organization. When your members read your emails and the gain something they will trust in you and continue to open your emails. You can provide value in different ways and it all depends on your organization.

Here are some ways that you can provide value within your email campaigns:

  • Share Member Success Stories
  • Share Case Studies
  • Integrate quality content – ensure that the content is specific to your members – that way it catches their interest and they take the time to read it.

2. Engaging Email Content

We’ve already brought up bringing value to your audience. Let’s talk about other aspects of creating engaging content. Here are some small ways that you can create engaging content to add to your emails for your audience.

  • Have an enticing subject line – Drawing in your audience can happen by using your subject line and ensuring that it is enticing them to click on it to read on further. Read this article to learn how to write catchy subject lines for your emails: Guide to Email Subject Lines to Skyrocket Open rate

  • Have them engage – Sometimes you may not have content to share and when this happens you can have your audience engage within the email. You can have your members engage in different ways such as, step-by-step videos, product guides, frequently asked questions. This has nothing to do with the product, service that your organization offers. It has more to do with providing them with information that is useful to your readers.

3. Categorize your Audience

The last thing you want to do is send an email to everyone on a list (unless need be or for an important announcement). You want to tailor your audience and who you send certain emails too. Have you ever opened an email that has nothing to do with you? Probably not. It’s important that you send your message to the right audience. Your membership management within Member365 allows you the flexibility to create targeted lists. To learn how to categorize your lists read this article: How to Create a List

4. Personalize your Message

When you’re writing the copy for your emails remember who you are audience is and write as if you were speaking in front of them. Use language that is simple and easy to understand. The key to ensuring they read on is understanding that your message is not about you or your product. It’s about them and meeting their needs. However, it does not mean that you can not display your brand or organization’s values through your writing.

5. Use a Variety of Media

Member365 allows you to send out creative engaging emails. This can be done by ensuring that you have a diverse amount of information/media presented within your emails. You can add videos, images, GIF’s that are related to the content of the email. You should also try and have different headings to make the email easy to read for the reader. You are not able to embed a video within Member365, however you can still link videos by following the instructions in this knowledge base article: How to Attach Videos to Email Campaigns

Try integrating these tips in your next campaigns and review your statistics to see the improvement over time. Members will open your email and engage with it if they perceive that it will provide value!