Member365 knows what it means to manage members – and has been designed to feel familiar to membership managers from day 1!

With Member365, there’s no need to wait on training to get started enjoying the potential of our system. Here are 5 things you can do right now:


Add Some Contacts

Simple, quick, and easy to add – having even a few contacts in Member365 will unlock the core abilities of the platform to help you manage email campaigns, plan events, and connect with your members.

You can find a step-by-step knowledge-base tutorial to manually add a contact to Member365 here:

Bring the Team Onboard

Spread the Member365 joy by adding some administrators to your trial copy of Member365. Like you, they’ll have full and unrestricted access to all of Member365’s tools, and can start exploring them right away with the help of our knowledgebase. With everyone on Member365, don’t be afraid to explore it collaboratively! As everyone explores and plays with Member365 – creating contacts, developing email campaigns, events, and so on – the system develops alongside your ability to use it.

Member365 Knowledgebase

Build an Email Campaign

As a membership manager – you’re likely already spending much of your time managing email campaigns with 3rd party software. You can now save time and hassle by moving that work over to Member365.

Drawing contact information automatically from your membership data, Member365 means good-bye to managing spreadsheets for your email campaigns. Build lists in seconds from within your campaign manager, and rest easy knowing that Member365 automatically keeping contact information up to date!

Use your evaluation copy of Member365 and follow along with any of our ‘Getting Started Guides’ to explore what Member365 can do for your organization’s email campaigns:

Before your membership data is fully imported, you won’t be able to enjoy the total power of Member365’s email campaign manager – but even with only a few contacts, you can play around with the tutorials below to get an impression of Member365’s email campaign abilities.

Create and Manage an Event

Events are a cornerstone for the success of any membership-based organization. Member365 empowers your ability to manage them by automating routine, time-consuming tasks – allowing you to focus on connecting with members.

Take an existing event you’ve planned outside of Member365, and see how easy it is to set it up in Member365’s events module. Play around with our event functions to see how Member365 can make it easy to manage!

Our “Getting Started: Events” guide provides access to all the information you need to get your first events in Member365 up and running. You can check them out by following the link below:

Embed Signup Forms

Member365 isn’t just about managing existing members, but helping you find new ones too. Even better, you can get started right now!

Add a Member365-integrated email signup to your website to passively generate leads for new members. By signing up, visitors indicate their interest in membership, self-qualifying as high quality leads.

…and More!

You can find a ‘Getting Started Guide’ for nearly every app within Member365. Simply head to our knowledgebase, navigate to the app you’d like to explore from the menu, and click the ‘Getting Started Guide’!