February 7, 2017

5 Email Subject lines that will keep Members Clicking

205 billion emails are sent per day[i]. You probably witness this yourself, every time you hit refresh more emails flutter in, each with a unique line representing what you may find inside and sometimes even determining if you?ll take the time to open it . Have you thought how your subject line compares to the other hundreds in your member’s inbox? Here are 5 email subject lines that are sure to capture your members attention!

Email Subject Lines that Speak to your Audience

  • ?The One Email you Should Open Today? ? this subject line stands out from the other 100 emails they have received that day, it creates curiosity in the reader’s mind. Why should that be the one they open today? What is in there making it so valuable?
  • 3 Ways to [insert topic] – this Subject line makes the email look simple. Provide a step by step indicating to the reader, that way they can glance at it and get the information they want to know stat.
  • ?You are not Alone?- A subject that will speak to your member because it indicates, it?s for them. It?s an emotional appeal and they are human and you have skin too. It creates curiosity and is intriguing for any topic or reach out.
  • ?Only ___ Hours Left to Register!? ? FOMO- Fear of missing out. Create urgency and encourage them to click in and come to your event!
  • ?I Noticed You didn?t?.? ? A concerning tone to, with a strong personal touch, including both ?I? and ?You? creates a direct connection. This email is specifically for engagement, feeling inclined to open it, they will discover your concern for their lack of engagement. Not only will they feel touched, it will increase the value, in turn promising a renewal.

The Importance of a Subject Line

Getting that initial open is the first step, capturing your member?s attention involves targeting their interests, creating curiosity, humanizing the situation, further creating a stronger relationship within the association and ensuring a healthy renewal rate.

[i] Email Statistics Report,2015-2019. The Radicati Group Inc. Published: March 2015, Retrieved January 27, 2017.

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