Social media management systems are a wise investment to ensure you are optimizing your brand’s online presence. While there is a wide host of different social media management systems, this list offers you the top 5 that have the key analytic tools and platform reach to effectively engage with your online audience.


Buffer allows you to plan all your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more on one simple dashboard. This integration of all of your profiles on one page enables you to have an overarching view of your coherent online branding. This feature also prevents you from neglecting your profiles with less engagement, make sure you are still actively posting and experimenting with how to secure a following on that platform. This overview publishing dashboard also lets you and your team schedule posts ahead of time and stay organized.

Separate from the publishing dashboard is your analytic information. See data about specific post-performance, overall profile engagement, and audience demographics. Buffer’s analytics aim to answer your biggest marketing questions like when to post, your most successful types of posts, and how often you should post for maximum engagement.

Buffer offers a 14-day free trial and $35 per month for 8 social accounts or $50 per month for 10 social accounts, white labeling of analytic reports, and Instagram story analysis.


Hootsuite offers an intuitive calendar-format publishing page to block schedule your posts ahead of time. For mobile convenience, Hootsuite also has an app that can manage all of your messaging needs in real-time or for future publication. “Streams” is a unique feature by Hootsuite that allows you to browse platforms by hashtag, keyword, or location so you can keep your finger on the pulse of online trends. From the Streams page, you can repost this content to remain integrated and social within your online community.

Overview reports produced by Hootsuite analyze the engagement levels of your online presence. With over 200 different metrics to analyze, you can also produce customized reports to suit your needs. These analytics cover not only your post-performance but also your team performance by tracking how long it takes for your team to reply to messages and resolve conversations.

Hootsuite offers a variety of products and pricing packages. The Professional package is $29 per month with a 30-day free trial, with access for one user and 10 social profiles. The Team package is $129 per month with a 30-day free trial, with access for three users and 20 social profiles. Both packages come with unlimited post scheduling. Hootsuite also has Business and Enterprise packages that offer a free demo.


Crowdfire is the only social media manager that can recommend photos for you to share, all while giving owners proper credit. This innovative feature takes away some of the social media post-curation work without diminishing content relevance or impact. Plan and publish your content all from one place with

Crowdfire to keep an eye on it all. The Queue Meter paired with the automatic best-time-to-post function ensures that your online audience is engaged with your profiles, even when you’re not there.

Crowdfire analytics and customizable reports can help you understand general information of your profile and of specific posts. The Report Builder lets you choose which metrics to monitor, allowing for information for multiple social media platforms within one report. Crowdfire’s analytics go the extra mile compared to other social media managing systems by offering competitor analysis. Competitor analysis allows you to see where you stand against them by finding their top posts, what types of posts get the most engagement, with a general overview of their performance.

Crowdfire offers a free limited account for users to try out the general interface, with capacity for 10 scheduled posts, unlimited image recommendations, one-day analytics, and more. The Plus account in $9.99 per month with 100 scheduled posts, unlimited image and hashtag recommendations, 90-day advanced analytics, and more. The Premium account goes for $49.99 per month introducing calendar-view for post scheduling, mentions tracking and replies, and competitor analytics, and more. Finally, the VIP account goes for $99.99 per month and is intended for large businesses, with capacity for up to 50 accounts linked per social media platform. The VIP package offers 800 post-scheduling capacity, analysis of up to 20 competitors, priority customer support, in addition to other features.


MavSocial’s publishing platform has an easy-to-use campaign calendar to manage all of your socials together. When editing posts through MavSocial you have options for filters, stickers, and other effects to make trendy eye-catching content. Subscribing to MavSocial also gives you access to their licensed stock photo gallery, making it easier than ever to elevate bland text posts to include a relevant image. MavSocial will boost collaboration between your social media managers by being able to assign tasks to teammates and monitor the progress of ongoing projects.

MavSocial’s analytics has a helpful sentiment analysis tool that, using advanced text classification machine learning, helps you understand your brand’s reputation and the message of people’s posts about your brand. This smart tool elevates your analytic reports from being only quantitative information, to also qualitative data that not all social media management tools are capable of producing. Reports created by MavSocial will help you keep profile engagement high and leverage audience demographics.

MavSocial has a 14-day free trial for those interested. They offer four different product packages at $19, $78, $199, or $499 per month. The most popular is the $78 per month Pro package, equipped with scheduled posting, the stock image gallery, consolidated social inbox, reports, and social listening. The $199 per month Business package is where you unlock sentiment analysis and team management tools, accessible by 5 users. The $499 per month Enterprise package offers all the same features as the Business package, but with an increased user count of 20 for an entire large marketing team to be able to use.


SocialPilot discovers and suggests content for you to share to make it easy to stay active on all your socials. The calendar design of the scheduling and publishing page makes it simple for you to plan

your posts ahead of time. A busy calendar can be overwhelming, but the calendar filters at account or group level to give you a simplified view of your current focus.

SocialPilot analytics gives you the tools to understand what is your top content and why lets you know the best time to post by telling you when your followers are active, and even tracks your content that was posted natively to your profiles (not just through SocialPilot). A special feature that is sure to expand your audience is Influencer discovery. Influencer discovery finds relevant influencers who can help you connect with similar audiences.

SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial to test it out. The main difference between the three packages offered are the number of social media accounts you can monitor with the social media management system. The Professional account is the smallest package at $30 per month and has the capacity for 25 accounts. The Small Team package is the most popular and is $50 per month for 50 social media accounts. The Small team package also includes white label reports, comprehensive social messages inbox, and client management. The Agency package is $100 per month and has the capacity to handle 100 social media accounts. With this comes increased FaceBook ad accounts, increased support team members, and concierge set-up of the SocialPilot.

Managing Social Media

All 5 of the mentioned social media managing systems have their own strengths and unique features. What is important is that you chose one that is compatible with all the platforms you use or could potentially reach your target audience. Use analytic information to time your posts wisely and maximize your follower engagement. Data and reports about your online presence help you to understand your members, and your brand’s performance better