“AÑO nuevo, Vida Nueva”! This is a Spanish proverb that means a new year, a new life. Regardless of our personal capacity of being a parent, child, student, worker, or our circumstances in life, sick, poverty, rich or poor, we all would like the new year to bring positive turns to our lives.

It’s 2022! Have you sat down and reviewed the past year of how it treated your membership base’s programs and initiatives? Many plans have been sidelined because of a global pandemic that disrupted all activities. It’s about time to review what worked and what failed and how to be creative enough to carry out plans for the new year!

Review your members’ engagement.

How engaged are your members? What is their response rate when it comes to programs and activities? The engagement and open/click rate numbers do tell a story. They define the very core of your campaign’s effectiveness or attraction.

Review your past campaigns and activities.

You do not just plan a party and do not care if anyone is interested in attending. Look back and review what was popular among your members and what was left unnoticed. Then build on those campaigns with a positive engagement number while working on tweaking and improving those with poor numbers. Layout a list of campaigns and draw checkboxes for each item factor that lists details of the activities. This will help you have a snapshot of a comparison of past the year’s activities.

Review your roster of members.

When engagement analytics are available, it gives you a fresh idea as to which members are active and those who are not. Their demographics will further help you analyze why they are less or more engaged. What do you do to those who are inactive? Before you throw them into the bin, regularly reach out and give them the impression that they are still part of the membership and you missed them. Do not forget to keep communicating with active members as well by expressing your appreciation for their active participation in all programs. Remember that for every month, there is a holiday that you can take advantage of sending everyone a greeting and well-wishing message.

Ask for feedback.

While in the process of sending them courtesy messages, ask for their feedback. Members’ opinion of what they expect from their memberships and their feedback of what does not work for them is valuable. This information can lead to actionable programs to address pain points and convert stale members to raving fans.

Look for new emerging trends to use this year.

The pandemic has taught us something positive. We do not cower in fear and put a halt to our lives. Like a torrent waterfall, the human endeavor will always find ways to reach its desired path. When in-person events are impossible, we look to host virtual events. When offices were closed down, we manage to manage memberships remotely.  Always be on the lookout for something new. What are new tools to stream events? Are there new gimmicks to help stir interest? Are there new paths to drive awareness aside from email campaigns? Are we making use of social media and other online avenues to send and advertise our programs?

This is the year! You owe it to your members to help them get back to optimum engagement levels! Bring back the very reason why they joined your membership. They count on you to make their membership and social lives interesting and meaningful.